Seven Sands Dubai, located in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is one of the newer restaurants that have popped up around town. As a Dubai-raised kid, I’m all about the third-culture. Being brought up here has imbibed a love for Middle Eastern cuisine, an understanding of their culture and has definitely made me more ‘worldly’. However, my experiments with Emirati cuisine has remained fairly limited. That has finally begun to change out here in the recent years. I’m really glad that people are now becoming more curious and embracing Emirati cuisine.

Dishes to try at Seven Sands Dubai

1. Luqaimat

For me, ‘lugaimat’ was the first Emirati food that I tried when I was invited over as a child to my building owner’s house. These piping hot, dough-y balls of flour dipped in date syrup and sesame seeds elicit a feeling of nostalgia every time I take a bite. The ones at Seven Sands gave me the same effect.

Lugaimat|Seven Sands Dubai
The piping hot lugaimat

2. Shark sambousek & fish balaleet

Besides this, I know shark is a very eminent fish in Emirati cuisine. And Seven Sands in Dubai has it all incorporated in many different ways. For starters, their shark sambousek. I was a bit wary after reading the reviews on Zomato about it, but it was very delicious and not fish-y at all! Besides this, my partner in dine F.C. also ventured in Emirati seafood and tried their fish balaleet, which was served atop spicy potato wedges. This dish was delicious, with the fish wrapped in a crunchy vermicelli and served with an interesting pomegranate dip. I highly recommend trying out this one.

Fish Balalit|Seven Sands
The fish balalit was a clear winner

3. Lamb thereed

Another choice for the main course was a rice dish. I remember eating copious amounts of fouga throughout my childhood in Dubai. This later gave in to mandi and kabsa which are similar dishes, but use a different range of spices. I was glad to see it here at Seven Sands, because since I repatriated I hadn’t had a chance to have this! However, the thereed really caught my attention. I opted for the lamb thereed.

Holy Moly! The lamb melted in your mouth. The rigrag bread soaked in spices was full of flavour. Nothing else could’ve helped me reminisce true Emirati food at its best! I was also really glad that we could use the Entertainer here, helped us save a bit as we’re heading towards the end of the month. (Tbh, I spend all my money on food. Perils of being a self-funded food blogger I guess.)

Lamb Thereed|Seven Sands Dubai
Only at Seven Sands Dubai can you find this melt-in-your-mouth lamb thereed

Overall, my experience at Seven Sands Dubai was a trip down memory lane. If you want to sample Emirati/Emirati fusion cuisine, do step in here instead of opting for another fast food option on JBR. You will not be disappointed.

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