Prax’s Dubai is the newest wok-style eatery in town. And boy, does it have spunk! It recently opened a new branch at i-Rise Tower in TECOM (now known as Barsha Heights) and I was lucky enough to be invited for a tasting! It’s right opposite the famous shisha lounge called Nar.

Prax’s is an open styled concept wok bar with spunky contrasting neon colours to match a black background. It’s menu is as clear-cut as its style: you pick a carb, a protein, sauce, veggies and toppings to build your own bowl of wok-fried deliciousness! Everything is served in packaging that is both clever and unique.

But first things first. The starters.

Prax's Dubai | Tom Yum Chicken Soup
The refreshing Tom Yum Chicken Soup cleared up my lingering cold!

We kicked off our meal with a delicious bowl of piping hot tom yam chicken soup. Limey, spicy and refreshing; it really awakened my tastebuds for the meal to follow.

Chicken Siu Mai, a signature starter at Prax's!
Chicken Siu Mai, a signature starter at Prax’s!

Immediately after, we were treated to a DELICIOUS chicken siu mai with a delicious spicy and tangy dipping sauce.

prawn spring rolls|Prax's
Their prawn spring rolls were fried to perfection.

We also tried the prawn spring rolls that was a giant shrimp coated in pastry. I really liked it too as it was fried to perfection.

Moving on to the main course. An alternative if you don’t want to ogle at all those choices (like me) is to opt for something right off Prax’s Dubai menu. I opted for their signature chilli basil beef ‘medium spicy’ (because I am a cow-ard. Get it? Cow–Um, never mind.)

Chilli Basil Beef and Black Pepper Chicken
Chilli Basil Beef and Black Pepper Chicken..if you can’t decide, go for the beef!

F., who offered to be my foodie in crime tried the black pepper chicken in a medium spice. We both thoroughly enjoyed our dishes as they were not the least bit greasy. Besides that, the sauces were delicious and the quantities generous. There were plenty of veggies in my dish to fill me up as well as a moderate amount of protein ( Though if I could eat just the chilli basil beef, I would. Every damn day.)

If you look at my picture above, YOU ALREADY KNOW how much I was enjoying my food.

Finally, my favourite part. DESSERT.

We were offered both desserts off their menu, the mysteriously named ‘Ginger Coconut’ and ‘Dates & Caramel.’

Ginger and Coconut at Prax's
Quite possibly my favourite dish at the tasting!

Let me tell you, the Ginger Coconut was one totally unexpected, delicious, creamy dessert. Subtlety was the key to this one with its light flavourings along with a panna cotta textured creamy base. I was really happy to try this one; and F. who is not a fan of coconut really enjoyed it.

The signature Dates & Caramel at Prax's
The Dates & Caramel at Prax’s had little date cakes with layers of caramel and pannacotta.

The Dates & Caramel at Prax’s was also tasty and aesthetically appealing, but a little too sweet in my opinion. F. however was happy to finish it off for me. It tastes almost akin to a Twix bar and is a heavier dessert than the Ginger Coconut.

Overall, my visit to Prax’s Dubai was..Aces! I can’t wait to order from them soon!

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DISCLOSURE: I was offered a complimentary meal in exchange for this review. However, opinions are my own and I have ordered from Prax’s Dubai multiple times after. I stick by the review.

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