About Me


Hi there!

Welcome to Om Nom Nirvana, a blog that seeks spiritual satiation through food, health, wellness and travel. ComeĀ away with me as I traverse through life in the sandpit that is Dubai and occasionally take a break with me as I vacation (or do a famous UAE staycation) in different places all around the world.

To start with, my name is Aneesha and I’m really pleased to meet you.Here’s a bit about my blog and why I named it Om Nom Nirvana.

Aneesha Rai|Om Nom Nirvana
My element so wonderfully captured by Lester Jonson šŸ˜€


The firstĀ aspect of my blog is directed at health and wellness. For the past year, I’ve started to eat wiser and exercise more. The main reason beyond this lifestyle change was that I needed to take my health seriously. In 2011, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, a condition of hypothyroid where my body attacks the thyroid gland. This means my metabolism struggles (and I gotta admit, my food habits don’t help either). I’m actually supposed to stick to eating non-processed, gluten-free,sugar-free food. Which if I did follow, would make me really upset because as my cousin Poushali says, ‘CAKE IS BAE.’

I have an incorrigible sweet tooth, which I reserve to satiate atleast once/twice/thrice a week(oops).Ā Either ways, I’m all about fighting the good fight and I’d like to take you on this journey to getting healthier with me. šŸ™‚ I enjoy yoga, dancing, various group training exercises and meditation.


I have lived majority of my 26 years in Dubai and it is truly home to me.Ā During the other years, I’ve spent living abroad in India, the U.S.,U.K. and Malaysia where I began to develop my palate.

Being exposed to different cuisines since childhood (and mostly because of eating food all my life like most people), I truly enjoy reviewing restaurants and discovering new cuisines. I’m an avid eater of all things junk and not.


Ah, travel! It stirs the soul. I’m all about journeys and I have this mission of visiting a country for every year I was born. And so far, I have accomplished it! I’ve visited 26 countries so far and don’t ever plan on stopping.

Come, be a part of my life and cherish just..being and living what life has to offer. ā™„


Note: To protect the integrity of my blog, I am transparent and openly disclose within the post when I am offered a complimentary meal/stay and if I was compensatedĀ for the same. My opinions are mine alone and not indicative of the business’ views. In the case of a promotional post, it will be clearly stated at the bottom of the post.