If you want to go to the coolest cafe in town, Cafe Rider Dubai has to be on your list. Besides being located in a warehouse in Al Quoz area and offering a custom motorbike shop, it also offers some of the best organic coffee in town as well, which makes it the best motorcycle cafe in Dubai! Here’s a review of this really cool cafe.

Cafe Rider Dubai store
Did I mention you could buy really cool outfits here?

Cafe Rider Dubai Review

The minute you enter in here, you’re gonna feel like a badass. There, I said it. Cafe Rider in Dubai is a place where hipsters galore gather for their organic coffee. The only difference? They are true motorheads to boot.

Cafe Rider bikes
I like to call this ‘The Evolution of Revolution’

The coffee at Cafe Rider Dubai ranks high up in terms of specialty coffees in Dubai. They are all organic and roasted in-house. If you come here, come for the coffee mainly. Everything else is secondary; there’s no sure shot way of knowing which pop up is out there for food.

Ghaf Kitchen hosted their van at Cafe Rider Dubai during Ramadan and they seem to have stayed post that. I’m glad, because as soon as we entered the cafe, we discovered that they don’t have any food! My partner-in-dine F.C. was starving. On a very hungry note (and after about 15 minutes of ogling at the wonderful personalities and bikes), we ordered a ‘posh’ finger fish sandwich, a falafel wrap and fries. (Not interested in a motorcycle cafe? How about a book cafe instead?)

Ok guys. The posh finger fish sandwich was AMAZING. Wonderfully simple breaded haddock, with a delicious minty sauce and tartare in a plain hot dog-like bun just took this to the next level! I was so glad I tried it! However at AED 68, it was a bit steep in the price arena. No regrets though.

The falafel sandwich was just mediocre, whereas the fries were nice and crisp. The waiter forgot we had ordered them and had to be reminded again. Also, I think there was a general lack of attentiveness in the cafe.

But this cafe has a lot to offer in terms of aesthetics, which makes it very easy to forget its almost too laid back vibe. The store is great, as is an array of colorful helmets.

Helmets galore|Cafe RIDER
Helmets galore!

P.s. These pics were taken fresh off my first intro to photography class at Gulf Photo Plus! Aren’t they great? A DSLR really does enhance the quality of your photos and I can’t wait to show off some more of my new photography skills. Here are a few of my favourites that capture the feeling of being at this wonderful cafe.

Ghaf Kitchen pop-up|Cafe Rider
A glimpse of the Ghaf Kitchen pop-up
Check out the vibes!|Cafe Rider
Check out the vibes!

Cafe Rider

Ok, I know Cafe Rider is known for its coffee…but I’m unfortunately a tea person at heart. They did a beautiful peach and pear iced tea that was cold pressed, which I delighted in. There’s excellent wifi and it truly hosts some of the most unique motorcycle accessories that I’ve seen in Dubai.

Will I be back?

If Ghaf Kitchen still is up there with their finger fish sandwich and for their McQueen Cider, which looked interesting…

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