It’s summer and you’re most probably planning your summer vacation. A lot of us do tend to stay active, but if your summer vacation entails just chilling by the pool or your travels are work-related, it can be difficult to get a workout in. Which is why doing a HIIT workout is the perfect solution! Not many people know, but using HIIT in a combination of weight training can help fight PCOS.

This lies outside my expertise, but I approached Sherrill Salamat, a Personal Trainer at GymNation for help. Here is what she has to say:

What is a HIIT workout?

HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training is a type of interval training wherein exercises are performed at 90% of maximum heart rate (anaerobic state) within a short period of time followed by a rest period. The entire workout is typically 30 minutes long, and there is a feeling of discomfort at the end of it.

HIIT improves athletic capacity and glucose metabolism, which helps burns calories. Another result of this program is what we call EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) Effect or commonly known as “afterburn” wherein there’s an increased rate of oxygen consumption following strenuous activity. In recovery, this oxygen is used to restore the body back into homeostasis (normal state). Although HIIT is very effective in burning fat at a short period of time and advisable for people who have limited time training, it is not advisable to do it every day, and should ideally be done a maximum 2 times a week to allow the body to recover.

Sample HIIT Workout

Below is a sample of a HIIT workout that you can employ during your summer travels and can very well do them in your hotel room:

Enjoy this equipment-free HIIT workout!

5 rounds of:

1 – 40 seconds body weight squats/squat jumps

20 seconds rest 2 – 40 seconds push-ups (chest to floor)

20 seconds rest 3 – 40 seconds stepping lunges / plyometric lunges

20 seconds rest 4 – 40 seconds butterfly sit ups

20 seconds rest 5 – 40 seconds burpees

20 second rest 6- 40 seconds plank hold

20 seconds rest

Make sure that all movements are performed in maximum effort and add a full range of motion. Maintain constant movement on the working phase all the time to hit the anaerobic zone.

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