My favourite time of the year is round the corner, the Dubai Food Festival! Apart from Etisalat Beach Canteen and Restaurant Week, I’m super pumped for my favourite food truck event of the year – Eat the World! Last year, I had such a fun time at Burj Park, I went twice! Oli Baba’s halloumi fries had both me and F.C. hooked! Check it below.

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Last year, they had a mixture of U.K. and UAE based trucks, but this year it’s a mixture of food trucks from the U.K., U.S. and Singapore. Since there are around 25 food trucks there, here’s my pick of the top 5 (in no particular order):

1) Pad thai tacos at The Peached Tortilla

Eat the World 2017|Dubai Food Festival|The Peached Tortilla 1
Look at that Pad thai taco. I’m in love!

A pad thai taco? Whaaaaat. At Eat the World, you get to savour this over at The Peached Tortilla. This  food truck from, Austin Texas is all about tacos and sliders with an Asian-Southern twist. Their loaded kimchi steak fries sound pretty damn fantastic.

2) Funnel cakes from Endless Summer Sweets

Endless Summer Sweets | Eat the World DXB|Dubai Food Festival
If you’ve never had a funnel cake, this is your chance!

Funnel cakes are classically all-American deliciousness. Often found at carnivals, it’s a sugar-y treat that will keep you buzzing. Never personally seen it in Dubai before, but now you can head over to Eat the World and try it!

3) King Prawns a la Plancha from Donostia Social Club

Eat the World DXB|2017|Dubai Food Festival|Donostia Social Club
The very 1920’s style truck

Just because these guys are from the U.K. doesn’t mean they can’t make a mean tapa. Their tapas are inspired by Basque food in Spain, which is a place where the food is simply delectable (At least this is what F.C. tells me). Come to think of it, their halloumi tapas sound pretty good too..

4) Chicken laksa burger by Chef Shen Tan

Eat the World DXB|2017|Dubai Food Festival
NOT the laksa burger, but one of Chef Shen Tan’s creations. I hunted everywhere for the laksa burger photo online but looks like this is a new innovation. Pictured from Chef Tan’s FB page is her take on Hainanese chicken rice

You read that right. Chicken laksa burger. Whaaaaaaat. This Singaporean/Malay favourite is completely going to be revolutionised by her at Eat the World DXB.

5) Baby Octopus Robata Yak at Sushi and Seoul

Eat the World DXB|2017|Dubai Food Festival
Sushi and Seoul’s got a whole lotta Seoul! Image credits: Sushi and Seoul’s FB page.

Another US- based truck at Eat the World, this truck has sushi and Korean inspired dishes that I am most excited about. The octopus is high on my list, as is the BBQ chicken bao and stuffed avocado.

If you’re kinda missing the trucks from last year, they still have The Other Side (honey butter fried chicken bun anyone?), a bunch of UAE-based trucks, Crabbie Shack (best wasabi mayo on their crab burger EVER) and The Crema Caravan (where F.C. and I have sworn to go get Crema Catalana). The Cheese Truck which was a massive favourite last year is also back.

Crema Caravan|Eat the World 2017| Dubai Food Festival
Simple and lovely desserts at Crema Caravan

Some favourable mentions I think include The Bell & Brisket (Bagels with salted beef…their halloumi bagel sounds divine), Bjorn Shen – for their Pink Panther, a very typical Malaysian/Singaporean drink with basil seeds and rose syrup as well as popiahs and mee siams…not to forget the NOLA representations with their po’boys and..ok, I’ll stop now.

Make sure you check out Eat the World this weekend! So much to eat and savour!

About Eat the World DXB

Besides the food trucks, Eat the World is a family-friendly event that also hosts a series of performances, including a celebrity chef theatre, artisanal food market, live music, a traditional Bedouin tent with falconry and fresh Arabic coffee, a children’s zone as well an outdoor cinema featuring a specially curated programme of food-themed films. For more information and tickets for Eat the World DXB 2017, visit: Advance tickets cost AED 40, whereas tickets at the door cost AED 50. I’ll be there this Friday (trying to stay on the gut cleanse, more on that later.) and hope to see you guys!

Eat the World is part of Dubai Food Festival that runs from 23rd February to 11th March.


    1. That’s probably the first thing I’m gonna get! Thanks for stopping by, Nancy 🙂 I like what ‘she said.’

  1. I like engaging to many food trucks and food events because its a great opportunity to discover new dishes, and new contacts! Also, most of the foods at festivals are not too pricey 🙂

  2. I can’t decide which dish I would try first out of the 5 you’ve presented. The laksa burger sounds so intriguing but also the pad thai tacos! I would love to try the shrimp a la plancha as well, as I love this type of sea food!

  3. The funnel cake sounds interesting… I just check around here if there is something like that. Dubai always Delights in every possible aspect… First shopping, then sight seeing and now food

  4. Wow! Dubai has it all. After reading your post I have started feeling hungry. I will be confused at this festival from where to start. But out of all those mentioned the Pad Thai Tacos and funnel cakes looks more tempting to me.

  5. Yummy!
    Dubai Food Festival 2018 has arrived and it is just the most delicious and the biggest food festival I have ever seen! They provide a number of deals and offers which makes us hungrier 😀 . I have tried Baby Octopus Robata Yak and the Funnel cake from this list and I just loved the Funnel cake (as I prefer sweet always).
    I attended MOE Food Tales by Mall of the Emirates and got one free main course.
    Can’t wait to attend the Taste of Dubai which is starting today 😀

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