Located right next to Jodhpur Royal Dining, resides a funky bar called Stock Exchange at Roda Al Murooj (previously Murooj Rotana) in Downtown Dubai. Very popular amongst the ‘desi’ crowd, there are various themed nights that occur throughout. A main novelty of the bar is that it’s actually designed like a stock exchange. A greater novelty, however is that its menu has recently undergone a revamp by Chef Pradeep Khullar who also heads up Jodhpur.

We started off our meals with a chilly cheese baguette, Indian style. The green chillies were too much for F.C.’s palate, but I delighted in this buttery cheese snack with a zing of spice.

Chili cheese baguette|Stock Exchange Bar Roda Al Murooj Rotana|Om Nom Nirvana
These chilli cheese baguettes very much like the rest of the items on the menu were catered to an Indian palate.

We then savoured the aloo & cheddar tikki chaat. Now, I’m a sucker for chaat and whoever decided not to pair that up with alcohol till now has been..well, an idiot. The crunchiness of the white peas against the mushiness of the potatoes and a full umami profile of chutneys.. I was sold on the first bite.

Aloo & tikki cheddar chaat|Stock Exchange Bar Roda Al Murooj Rotana|Om Nom Nirvana
This aloo and tikki cheddar chaat is something I would go back for time and again.

The next on was the mirchi imli lamb chops with blue cheese fries. I think this didn’t quite do it for me. The lamb was very strong and tasting it just made me compare it to the impeccable to the aam papad ribs. The fries were a bit cold and chewy. Not up to the mark. I would skip it.

Mirchi imli lamb chops and blue chips|Stock Exchange Bar Roda Al Murooj Rotana|Om Nom Nirvana
This dish wasn’t as good as I’d hoped.

Next came F.C.’s favourite which was the crispy Habanero shrimps with chilli foam and cripy okra. The crunchiness and spicyness were on point.

Habanero shrimp with chilli air|Stock Exchange Bar Roda Al Murooj Rotana|Om Nom Nirvana
Habanero shrimp with chilli air

Another dish which was pretty much another repeat of Jodhpur was the kheema pao. I think this was a good call when it came to a bar snack. The next was the ‘van noodles’ which were tasty as well – an Indian chinese taste through and through. We concluded the meals (mainly because we were stuffed) with a dark chocolate rum ball. Personally, for me it was a bit overwhelming, however F.C. and my brother (who joined us later) devoured it whole. It has a pretty nice show-y element to it, but I don’t think it could work as ‘bar food.’

Dark chocolate rum ball|Stock Exchange Bar Roda Al Murooj Rotana|Om Nom Nirvana
Dark chocolate rum ball

On to the drinks. I tried both the mixed berries and passion fruit mojito and they were highly reminiscent of Jodhpur (not a bad thing as they’re both delicious.) The passion fruit won out in my opinion.

Mixed berries Mojito|Stock Exchange Bar Roda Al Murooj Rotana|Om Nom Nirvana
The very delicious mixed berries mojito

We also tried the ‘Jacked Up’, a strong concoction of Jack Daniel, midori, gin, pineapple & lime juice and some sugar. This drink is potent, guys..two of these and that would be the end of the night for me.

I also tried their Tiramisu delight (think of an espresso martini equivalent) and their vodka flaming breeze which was a combination of vodka, absinthe and blue curacao.  Not a fan, though it looked pretty cool.

Vodka flaming breeze|Stock Exchange Bar Roda Al Murooj Rotana|Om Nom Nirvana
Vodka flaming breeze was just mediocre for me

For me, the clear winner amongst the drinks was the Volcanic lamp which was a cross between a white sangria and cider. Either ways, it worked. Beautifully presented with a mixture of alcohols that truly worked.

And that closed my almost too long, but eventful tasting! F.C. and I were enjoying the music (OK, I was) and all round had a great time!

LOCATION: Roda Al Murooj, Downtown Dubai

DISCLOSURE: FC & I were offered a complimentary tasting in exchange of a review. Views are my own.

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Update: As of May 2022, this establishment has been shut down.


  1. This bar looks like a blast! The food looks almost too good to eat, and the drinks look tantalizing! Can’t wait to visit this fascinating city.

  2. Wow this bar definitely have that chilling Friday-gentleman vibe and l like it! I assume they also play some Arabian-bar music (please educate me!)

  3. Thanks for your comment about the music, you nailed it xD

    Food was good but a bit spicy for my Spanish mouth 😛

    1. I know, I know…but after we informed Chef Khullar he made sure the rest of the dishes didn’t inflame your mouth :p

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