Located in the middle of a desert, Alma Retreat is unlike any other one I’ve seen in the UAE. Situated in the middle of the desert at Ras Al Khaimah, this retreat focuses on three main things (very much like Om Nom Nirvana) on the heart, mind and body. The entire luxury retreat consists of 15 tented rooms to provide an exclusive intimate environment for a maximum of 30 people.

The retreat was founded by Sarah Arnold, who is a certified service and change management consultant, with over 18 years senior IT leadership, strategy and sales experience in IBM and Microsoft AS WELL as a certified Sivananda Yoga teacher and Vipassana meditation alumna.

Here's a retreat at Alma Ras Al Khaimah
Here’s one of the cabins at Alma Image credit: Alma Retreat

The retreat was launched in January 2017 and I can’t wait to go for a weekend! These retreats run for 2 days. The descriptions of the different types of retreats at Alma are as follows:

1) Alma Heart

Alma Heart
Unleash your creativity Image credits: Alice Achterhof for Unsplash

This program focuses on karma, music, art and dance. This kind of retreat lets you express yourself through different mediums such as art and dance workshops, music and chant meditations to get you out of your daily routines into a happy space. They have different types of programs at each retreat, so no retreat will be the same as the other.

2) Alma Body

Alma Retreat|Ras Al Khaimah|Alma Body
All the food with the exception of some programs is vegan. Image credits: Brooke Lark for Unsplash

For obvious reasons (read here) , I am very keen on this particular retreat. This type of retreat focuses on nourishing the body as well as keeping it healthy. The workouts include yoga, HIIT, hiking and meditation in addition to ways to nourish yourself. I’ve seen the bulletproof program on their website; and it’s the only retreat I’ve seen that allows meat. The rest are vegan.

3) Alma Mind

Alma Retreat|Ras Al Khaimah|Alma Mind
It’s the perfect place to catch some Om. Image Credits: Kosal Ley for Unsplash

I think this is definitely the most interesting of the lot. This program involves meditation, hypnosis and coaching which seems really riveting to those who are looking to inflict a positive change in their lives.

Special Offers & Costs

Huzzah! So guess what?

Starting in March, Alma Retreat is offering a special wellness weekend rate of AED 749 per person or AED 999 per room, including accommodation, food and all activities. Wellness weekends include 1 night’s accommodation and 2 days of mind and body activities plus all meals and refreshments courtesy of their partners Detox Delight. Transfers to/from Dubai available at AED 300 each way. The establishment also holds exclusive rentals for 30 people up to AED 5,000 and a membership program; where for an annual fee you can enjoy a monthly retreat and a huge list of perks including discounts of 50% on exclusive rentals (for when you’re retreating in a group), unlimited access to all digital products including meditation and hypnosis (to carry on all the good work at home) and 10% off all the fabulous products sold on site. It costs AED 1,000 per month and is available between October and May.

In order to enquire, please email info@alma-retreat.com or call +971503105922.

Update: Alma Retreat is no longer in existence as of May 2022


    1. Never experienced it myself, but it’s used as an alternative way of healing mental illnesses. Curious to try it if I ever get a chance to visit!

  1. Going to a retreat has been in the back of my mind for a while. I have tried my own versions at home a few times, but of course it cannot be compared with a full program in such an impressive location.

  2. Whoah super cool. Never knew something like this existed in the UAE. Not terrible for the price either considering everything it offers. I need to find some balance in my life, so this looks like the perfect place to do that!

  3. I’m lucky to get a relaxing spa day. A retreat to focus on any of those 3 elements would be amazing. Saving this for my ‘one day I hope to do this’ list.

  4. I love the idea of this retreat that focuses on the 3 main aspects of a human being: mind, body and soul. It’s also very interesting to find such type of resort in the UAE, as I would imagine it’s more of an Asian concept. But I love it and I would visit if I’m ever in the area. We all need a moment to catch our breath and just stop from our daily life, treating our body the way it deserves.

  5. I personally wouldn’t have thought the UAE as a destination to go for a resort… so I’m pleasantly surprised! Would be interesting to visit a desert resort (the ones I know of are either in the mountains or by the ocean). Something different, for sure.

    I love how they focus on mind, body and heart (which I’m guessing would be equivalent to soul?). I’m in serious need to recharge my batteries, wouldn’t mind staying in one of those cabins too 😉

  6. I’ve done wellness resorts in the rainforest but would’ve never considered one in the desert. Looks like an amazing experience to get your health and wellbeing realigned!

  7. Wow. This place looks cool. I liked that they work considering body, mind and soul. It will be super relaxing. As you mentioned it is starting in march, please share your personal feedback if you visit this wellness resort.

  8. I remember the first pic from instagram. It struck me as a lovely place to spend some holidays in and now your post reaffirms it. Quite therapeutic and relaxing from what I read. Someday!

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