If you’re touring through the south of Spain and don’t know what to do in Cordoba, then here’s a quick itinerary for you to complete in less than two days. Cordoba was the first stop for F.C. and I as we journeyed our way down south. We took a train from Barcelona to Cordoba, which was a pretty long journey of 5 hours. When we arrived, it was already late in the evening, we stayed at a place located extremely close to the main landmark of Cordoba, the Mosque-Cathedral or Mezquita Cathedral.

Day 1 in Cordoba

1. Head to to Mezquita Cathedral (Mosque Cathedral)

The Mosque/Cathedral hybrid is one of the most exciting icons of the city. Since F.C. and I arrived late, we went ahead and booked a night tour of it. And we were completely blown away by the sheer storytelling and lighting. If there’s the one thing you need to do in Cordoba, this is it. Make sure you book in advance as these tours fill up pretty fast.

2. Have dinner in a courtyard

Nothing beat walking through the cities in Spain and stumbling into the most interesting places. No charges for this hidden flamenco show on a secret patio in Córdoba,with the exception of the delicious tapas we devoured while watching it from the bar. So impromptu and wonderful! I asked Francisco what the man was singing about and he laughed and said nonsense! 💃🏻#WheninSpain #NirvanainSpain #VisitCordoba . . . . . #shotoniphone7plus #Cordoba #welltravelled #followmeto #cntravelereats #passportexpress #passionpassport #dametraveler #dubaiblogger #travelblogger #omnomnirvana #thatsdarling #pursuepretty #flashesofdelight #nothingisordinary #exploremore #bestvacations #natgeo #travelstoke #wonderful_places #openmyworld

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If you’re looking to see some genuine flamenco in its more natural state, perhaps Cordoba is one of the best places to see it. Wander around near the mosque and you should be able to find this place hidden behind souvenirs. The courtyards (or patios) are nothing short of gorgeous.The best part about the south of Spain is that you usually get cheap delicious food no matter what you choose and that you usually get a tapa with every drink. I recommend you try the salmorejo, which is a tomato, ham and egg paste sort of dish native to the area. However, if you’re looking for a place near the Mosque Cathedral, do be wary of the prices.

3. Walk across the Roman bridge for a better view

Things to do in Cordoba | Mosque Cathedral
Nothing beats the view across the bridge of the Mosque Cathedral

If you walk past the Roman ruins, you can get to walk across an ancient Roman bridge with aqua ducts. Cordoba has a very historic feel to it, which makes it pretty special. Walk past the bridge, and you’ll definitely see a more modern city. Head on back for a nightcap. The place we stayed at was a budget option called Hostal El Triunfo; it was literally right outside the mosque. Here are a few more options.

Day 2

Do a free tour

As you probably are stripped for time, I would highly suggest you head off for a free tour that usually starts around 10-11am in the morning as this will help you make the best of your time. Just meet up at the Roman Ruins and there are atleast two or three tour companies that will take you. (Just look for the guys in funky umbrellas!)

Or take it at your own pace

what to do in a 2 day trip to cordoba, Spain | walk the streets
The streets of Cordoba by Paul Gilmore

F.C. and I took the alternative route and made our way through Cordoba and it’s many sights and sounds. A bit more exploration will show you a more modern side of the city. However, I was just fine indulging in all the tapas and sangrias life had to offer at this point.

Would you consider stopping at Cordoba if you visited? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 day itinerary to Cordoba, Spain


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