Nestled away in Al Awir, is a stunning equestrian and polo estate called Desert Palm Per Aquum. This resort is one like no other in Dubai. If you ever want to escape the desert life, this seems like the right place to start.

F.C. and I were whisked away to this wonderful resort and were stunned by the sheer lush green polo fields. It was a rainy afternoon as our taxi pulled in and we were stunned by how gargantuan this estate really is! We later come to know that Sheikh Hamdan also owns a shed here. The estate is divided into private residences as well as the main hotel which we stayed at.

Desert Palm Per Aquum entrance
Understated and contemporary, the resort at first glance exudes a laid-back feel.

We came to know that Desert Palm Per Aquum is owned by Mr. Ali Al Bawardi, who is actually a very prominent entrepreneur here in Dubai! Our estates tour led us on to the stables and witness a polo match first hand.

Desert Palm Per Aquum|Polo match
A polo match of which I understood nothing

This place would truly be gorgeous for a wedding! Here’s what we mean:

Wedding|Desert Palm Per Aquum
Isn’t that just beautiful? Major photo ops!

You’ll also get to see a lot of beautiful olive trees around. Apparently they’ve been imported here. This place is truly for the creme de la creme.

Desert Palm Per Aquum|Wedding
Managed to spot this little birdie in the wedding arena.

We then visited the stables where there were a few horses that I could pet. I love animals, so I was so excited for this! We also saw the training school. Horses are truly some of the most wonderful animals I’ve come across.

Desert Palm Per Aquum|Horses
Me trying to ‘horse whisper’

We then took a tour of the rooms. We got a Palm Deluxe room which was pretty sweet, but there’s nothing like the private villas they have there with their own private pools as well as the polo facing rooms (If you’re a fan of polo). Definitely something worth experiencing.

Deluxe suite|Desert Palm Per Aquum
Our deluxe suite had views of the rolling greens up ahead with automated screens, just in case you needed privacy.

The interiors are very simple, which I like. What I love about it is that the rooms are extremely spacious.

Desert Palm Per Aquum|Deluxe suite
Could spend all day lounging in that!
Desert Palm Per Aquum|villa private pool
The beautiful pool side at the villas
Desert Palm Per Aquum|Polo view room
The view of the polo fields from the polo suite

The hotel’s pool is also quite nice. I wanted to take a dip, but since it was one of those unusual rainy days in Dubai, I had to forgo it.

Swimming pool|Desert Palm Per Aquum
The lovely hotel pool I never got to swim in 🙁


There are a couple of options available: the Red bar that particularly caught my eye. It has a very gentlemanly vibe that I love. Another one of note is RARE – a lovely steakhouse with Brazilian meat specialist Chef Joanna Portella joining the team recently. F.C. loved his 450 day aged rib eye and I dug into some succulent BBQ ribs as well. There was another outlet called Epicure, but the food is just average and service a little slow.

Red Bar|Desert Palm Per Aquum
This red bar is so old school, it’s cool
Epicure|Desert Palm Per Aquum
Epicure – another one of the outlets
RARE restaurant|Desert Palm Per Aquum
The interiors at RARE. We chose to sit outside that night, however as the weather was so nice
Empanadas| Desert Palm Per Aquum
RARE|Desert Palm Per Aquum
F.C.’s beautiful 450-day aged rib eye
Chocolate fondant at RARE| Desert Palm Per Aquum
Chocolate fondant anyone?

The next day I also went to the spa, but I have a review coming up on that soon. Stay tuned! Overall, we really loved our stay at this very unique property which really doesn’t make you feel like you are in Dubai and is a lovely break from all the beach-side resorts we have here. A lovely experience overall at the Desert Palm Per Aquum. Book here to schedule a stay.

DISCLOSURE: Was offered a complimentary stay in exchange for the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Affiliate links may be used


  1. The Desert Palm Per Aquum looks like the perfect place to stay. If not for a wedding, how about using the venue to take a wedding photo shoot? The 450 day aged steak looks absolutely delicious, well photographed! I’m trying to eat healthy and the chocolate fondant has given me a craving!

  2. Amazing pics. Am already feeling hungry for a steak in such plush surroundings! Hope you’ve returned feeling restful and in a mood for more reviews!

  3. The deluxe suite looks amazing! And it’s funny, I’m actually making empanadas right now and saw the picture here. That really does look like the perfect place for a wedding, but I guess it’d come at a pretty hefty price!

  4. The Desert Palm Per Aquum looks huge! Plus it’s so green, such a contrast to some of the other hotels in Dubai. Such a shame about the food and service at Epicure. So not what you expect from a resort of the Desert Palm’s character.

  5. I haven’t visited Dubai yet but I have frequently passed through their international airport. I really need to explore than their airport.
    Desert Palm Per Aquum sounds right up my street. I too am a massive lover of animals and this combined with the luxury sounds amazing. Shame about the rainy day though for taking a dip.

  6. This looks like a lovely place to stay. I love the tub. I am a huge fan of clawfoot tubs and those that are not attached to walls. The pool also looks so inviting. I thoroughly enjoy watching polo and would love to see a match. The arena is beautiful and perfect for such a posh sport.

  7. I love the field view from the polo suite! Its greenery is so eye-relaxing. The hotel seems like a nice weekend gateway place. Would be nice to enjoy for some time in a private residence with a private swimming pool. 😉

  8. I love everything about this post! The pathway with the bougainvillas and the poolside and the food! It’s nice to experience luxury and elegant hotels every now and then. We’ve visited Dubai once and enjoyed it!

  9. With all the greenery, polo ground, flowers and birds I wouldn’t guess it as Dubai to begin with! The pool side lawn chairs look so comfortable! Food looks yummm too! This would be the perfect weekend away if you’re working in Dubai!

  10. OMG this place is so beautiful! I always want to visit a Polo club and watch a match. And their foods looks yummylicious!

  11. This place is a real paradise and a photographer’s delight. Even I can spend days lounging and relaxing here. The chocolate fondant looks so yummy. And I liked that you mentioned it was sponsored post and the views are completely yours.

  12. I had no idea polo was a popular sport in Dubai! Looks like such the luxurious accommodation for a getaway from the world!

  13. Wow. Just wow. This place looks out of the world. It has everything that you would require your weekend holiday to be a good one. I am quite amazed by the neatness here.

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