As part of my stay at Desert Palm Per Aquum, I was lucky to check out their LIME SPA during my stay and have a chat with the Manager Marina prior to my ‘Pamper Me’ treatment. The reason I wanted to meet with her was very simple; I’ve been to several massages and spa treatments in my life but I don’t know whether the treatments I was choosing were truly helping!

First, we took a tour of the facility. It was impressive as this is the first spa I’ve been to that has views of a polo pitch! I liked the fact that the massage area was integrated with the shower facilities as well and the fact that they’ve taken a move away from the Thai and Indian treatments and have focused on Eastern European and Scandinavian inspired treatments instead. The facility has six treatment rooms, out of which there are two couple rooms. There is also a Thai treatment room and a modern hammam.

LIME SPA|Desert Palm Per Aquum|Right spa treatment for you
A lot of the treatments at the Lime Spa use a combination of hot and cold, common in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

 1) What sets LIME Spa apart from any other ones in Dubai?

Marina: I think being far away from the city centre is a huge plus as clients and visitors feel like they’re in a retreat. We pride ourselves in having intuitive massages that take care of what your body needs.  After you fill in your consultation form, the therapist will combine therapies in order to give you a massage that’s good for you. We also have a chromotherapy room and an oce bath.

2) What should we let our therapist know before we go in for a treatment?

Marina: The most important thing is being transparent about your medical concerns. Also, reveal the type of lifestyle you have. Do you travel a lot? What’s your sleep pattern like? The more details you provide about your lifestyle, the easier it is for us to advise you accordingly.

LIME SPA | Desert Palm Per Aquum
The beginning of every treatment at the LIME SPA

3) How can we personally choose what we think is the right treatment for us in terms of energising/ balancing/detoxifying? What oils should we use to get these effects at home?

Marina: For relaxation, I recommend the Swedish massage which involves long and circular strokes as well as kneading. This massage is perfect for ‘beginners’ who are new to massage. Ask your therapist to choose an oil that’s ylang ylang, rose or lavender.

Massage therapy works on all levels to help ease cold-like symptoms. Massage boosts circulation, which can help your body to heal faster. Massage helps you to relax, which helps to distract you from your symptoms, giving you instant relief from discomfort. When you get a spa massage, your esthetician can help to reduce pain in trouble spots. Those aches and pains of a cold can go away under the expert hands of a licensed masseuse.

For a more balanced ritual, I recommend a hot stone massage which is a treatment that focuses on balancing your energies. A shiatsu massage also focuses on balance and makes use of pressure points. I recommend a geranium based oil for this as it has a very healing, harmonious and grounding effect on the body.

If you want to feel energised, opt for a deep tissue massage which treats achy and tired muscles. Post this treatment, you may experience soreness one or two days after. Grapefruit, lime and any oils with citrus notes would be perfect for this sort of treatment.

LIME Spa Oils|Desert Palm per Aquum
Use cirtus scents to energise

4) How often should one look at a spa treatment/massage?

Marina: It depends. If you’re very active, I recommend one every two weeks or even once a week. If you get massages once a week, opt for Swedish massages to support your hard working muscles. Every month, I also recommend a facial or a deep cleanse therapy.

5) What is the effect achieved from a chromotherapy shower and cryotherapy?

Marina: The concept of chromotherapy involves colours and aims at achieving this balance through a spectrum of colours. In addition to this the ice bath helps with circulation in combination of a hot treatment as well as building an immune system. We use the VOYA brand in our treatments for scrubs. It’s an Irish hand harvested organic seaweed.

Thanks Marina, for your time! I tried their ‘Pamper Me’ package, where they recommended a Swedish massage for me followed by lunch at the restaurant Epicure.

LOCATION: Desert Palm Per Aquum, Dubai

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary treatment in exchange of this review. All pictures are courtesy Desert Palm Per Aquum.


  1. Sad that I missed the Lime spa when in was in Dubai. Next time I want to go there and relax. Seems to be a fresh environment, which is a big plus from my side!

  2. Wow this is the REAL TREATMENT! When I choose my go-to spa, I don’t rely too much attention on high reviews, because it tends to spoil the promising fun. And I like if the spa have an ultra kind of cleanliness and fresh scent like everywhere I go.

  3. I liked the Spa interiors! Sounds like an amazing spa with Eastern European and Scandinavian inspired treatments. Last month, I visited a Scandinavian spa in South Florida and totally loved it! I found Scandinavian spa treatments better than others!

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