You know my biggest guilty pleasure that I’m almost ashamed to admit as a food blogger? Fried chicken. Yes, you got it. I love that stuff, whether it’s the buttermilk chicken and waffles at Clinton St. Baking Company or just the dinner box at KFC, I’m a sucker for it. Wings on the other hand, came to me as an acquired taste; something I got from the Buffalo Wild Wings in the States a couple of years ago. The B-dubs in Dubai doesn’t quite cut it as much due to the lack of an alcohol licence, and so Original Wings & Rings ranks way higher in my opinion! (What’s my second guilty pleasure as a food blogger, you ask? ONION RINGS.)

F.C. and I got super excited that Thursday to head on to the review of this much talked about place. The entire atmosphere at Original Wings & Rings is very casual and laid back, something I liked about it. There are designated smoking and non-smoking areas as well as a fun arcade area for children to play there. It’s well ventilated, but I’d still have my qualms about letting a kid wander in here.

A very anticipatory F.C.| Original Wings & Rings |DIFC
A very anticipatory F.C.
Original Wings & Rings DIFC | Bar
It’s got a big sports bar meets arcade feel
Original Wings & Rings DIFC |
Some entertainment for kids and adults alike.

This bar is super sportsy, it’s the place to go for matches and has themed nights daily. It’s worth noting that it’s available on the Entertainer for main courses and brunch, so it’s pocket friendly too. Another one of the interesting things is, this place has themed nights; so plenty of opportunities for open mics, ladies nights and AED 3.99 per wing on Tuesdays!

Anyway, back to the food. We ordered their appetiser platter that came complete with chilli, mozz cheese sticks, chicken strips, chips and giant onion rings! Out of these, the mozz cheese sticks were the best. I really enjoyed the onion rings, but I’m sure a lot would find it a bit too greasy!

Original Wings & Rings DIFC | Appetizers
Can you feel the calories yet?

Our waitress then decided to surprise us with another dish; their spinach and artichoke dip. This was our favourite dish of the night. My favourite used to be from Russo’s, but nooope. This takes the cake!

Original Wings & RIngs DIFC | Spinach and artichoke dip
Scrumptious spinach and artichoke dip. I’m drooling thinking about it right now.

There are a huge number of sauces to choose from when you select your wings. Our favourites were the ‘crazy’ and the garlic parmesan. We got it in a ‘ medium hot’ and I was proud to see F.C.’s spice tolerance significantly growing with our relationship (lol).

Garlic parmesan wings |Original Wings & RIngs DIFC
How delectable do these garlic parmesan wings look? *insert heart eyes emoji*

It wasn’t outrageously spicy, an Indian mouth could probably tolerate atleast one iota more. It was delicious. Tenderly fried chicken in a delicious sauce.

Our waitress insisted we try their Hawaiian burger. F.C. gave it a go, and I gave it a bite, but the mayo was just overpowering the burger. However, the patty was delicious; tender and well-cooked. We hope they hold the sauce the next time we decide to order this.

Original Wings & Rings DIFC |Hawaiian burger
Ask them to hold the mayo if you choose to order this!

To cool off, we then decided on an ice cream sandwich, because we didn’t want anything too heavy. It was so generous, we couldn’t finish it. It was just a regular ice cream sandwich though, could give this one a miss.

Ice cream sandwich | Original Wings & Rings DIFC
I could barely finish this, we were so full!

All in all, a very calorific, but satisfying meal! The staff service was excellent. We went back the next weekend for wings again and our friends from New Zealand loved them!

DISCLOSURE: F.C. & I received a complimentary meal in exchange for this review. However, we went back the next week and self-paid with some friends and the experience was no different with the food.

LOCATION : Level C, Liberty House, DIFC

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  1. I totally like the atmostphere! That’s a cool sports bar! Esp the Foosball table in kids play area is a perfect way to keep them entertained! The Spinach & Artichoke dip sounds intriguing! I’ve never tried that combo at all! The Icecream sandwich is divinity!

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