Matto at the Oberoi may look like a trendy Italian restaurant, but don’t make your judgments too early from its cool hipster setting (This place is Instagram heaven, you guys!). This joint is Italian fanfare at its best. (And like the manager said, no. You will not get a chicken pasta, not because it can’t be done..but because Italians just don’t do that!)

Matto | The Oberoi |Business Bay
This painting at Matto is extremely famous and often Instagrammed.
Bar Matto| The Oberoi |Business Bay
The bar area is also beautiful

Peruse through the menu and you may not see things that are common in other Italian restaurant menus. Save for the truffle fries on the menu, everything looks pretty authentic. Matto is so Italian, everyone on staff seems to be Italian and you can hear the teetering sounds of the language throughout the restaurant. It’s a lovely sound to hear.

We start off by ordering the ‘frittura di mare’ – deep fried calamaris and shrimps in a lemon mayonnaise sauce. The seafood was crisp fried, but the lemon mayo was a bit weak. With fatty fried food, you need the acidity of lemon to drive the zing.. We didn’t experience that.

Matto| The Oberoi |Business Bay
The frittura de mare which F.C. really loved

We then on suggestion of our server went for the stracciatella and tartufo flatbread which was divine. Stringy cheese and the high quality truffles went so well with the caramelised onions and basil. A delicious dish.

Matto |The Oberoi|Business Bay
Our delicious flatbread which was gone in seconds!

I decided to forgo the pasta and pizza and instead went for their zucchini crusted sea bass with potato rosti and a capsicum cream called the ‘Spigola in crosta.’ Boy, was I glad I chose it. The next time I go back to Matto, it’s a dish I would try again and again.

F.C. on the other hand, went for a porcini and truffle ravioli which he loved. I really like truffle, but the aroma of the mushrooms in  addition to the truffles was really overwhelming to me. But as I took a bite, the combination of parmesan cream with the mushrooms was really delicious.


To close our meal, F.C. and I were thinking of something lighter, like a gelato or something. I gave in to the insta-crazed ‘Matto Rock’ instead and we found ourselves staring at a giant Ferrero rocher moments later. It was quite heavy and definitely a dessert to share amongst four people if not more. Still delicious though!

Overall, Matto is a place I would definitely come back to. I loved their non-intrusive service. Besides this, the menu offers some items I wouldn’t normally find in an Italian restaurant here in Dubai.

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LOCATION: Lobby Level, The Oberoi, Business Bay, Dubai


DISCLOSURE: I was offered a complimentary meal in exchange of this review. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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