Looking for vegan food in Dubai? Wild & the Moon Dubai is just the place. Stroll by Al Serkal Avenue in Al Quoz, and you may notice the air smells a little different. And it’s not just the air, you soon  realise, it’s the people that throng it on a regular basis. I’ve always considered the people that hang out in the area ‘hipsters’; but they’re also people I secretly want to be friends with. *insert creepy smiley here*

Not too long ago, I took a wonderful introduction to photography class at Gulf Photo Plus, which is located in the same area. This was my first real introduction to prolonged time spent at Al Serkal Avenue. Otherwise, I’m usually heading to The Junction for a play, chilling at A4, or visiting it for Art Week. As I’m lately focusing on improving my photography skills, I’m in and out of the place a lot. The below pic is one I took while at one of the workshops:

Wild & the Moon Dubai Review

Since it was Friday, and A4 wasn’t open; my only option for lunch was the Wild & The Moon Dubai. As I’m trying my best to eat healthy and gluten free, I was concerned about having the right options to eat out. Seems like destiny was on my side. (Though a lot of the others grumbled that there wasn’t just plain water to buy!)

Wild & The Moon Dubai
Such a pretty place. May I say the barista in the pic is a star?
Space| Wild & the Moon Dubai
Beautiful plants and natural wood grace the cafe.

They really do have a fascinating number of things in their menu that pique curiosity for people like me who are noobs to veganism. Wild & The Moon Dubai carries plant-based, organic, fresh and raw products.

Let me just say first of all, that my chances of turning vegan in this life is zero. There, I said it. Zero. For me, a life without meat and cheese is just way too hard to fathom. Anyway, it felt good to be “cruelty free” for once.

The thing with the Wild & The Moon is that they have prepackaged juices that you pick from their refrigerator. If there’s something you tried once, there’s a chance you will not get to try it again. Not a great way to go about things, me thinks. I’d rather they make things fresh as you order them.

Try the ‘Easy Green’, which is a combination of pineapple, cucumber, spinach, kale and lemon. Refreshing, cooling and soothing! They also host a variety of “elixirs” or vitality shots. Besides this, they also have vegan milk-based coffee and tea. I must say I really liked their turmeric milk latte with almond milk. Very nutty and creamy. However, I’m sure coffee and tea purists would really be miffed at the selections at Wild & the Moon Dubai.

This is one of the places that does detox programs, very much in the likes of Detox Delight. They actually happen to be more reasonable than the former.

Now, about the food. Hmm. I was a bit concerned about what to pick from a couple of Asian and Middle Eastern salads and finally settled on a salad with rice noodle leeks, cucumbers, red peppers, maple carrots, bok choy, sesame oil and chard.

It was actually quite tasty and fresh; however the quantity did not manage to fill me up. 🙁 Lately, there’s a new space that’s opened up in Al Quoz called ‘Nadi Al Quoz’ which turns Warehouse 90 into a really cool co-working space. And guess who serves the food out there? Yup, The Wild & The Moon.

Overall, definitely worth a visit.

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