If travelling more is on your bucket list in 2018, then do I have a list of destinations for you! I’ve asked several other travel bloggers, plus put in two recommendations of my own to gather an ultimate travel bucket list for the year!

1. Abu Dhabi, UAE – For the cultured

Why Abu Dhabi should be on your ultimate travel bucket list

While most people flock to Dubai, Abu Dhabi is emerging to be the cultural capital of the UAE. Just head on to Saadiyat Cultural district and you will just be amazed at the gorgeous Louvre. It’s beautifully curated and one for every history buff. Saadiyat Island also has the beautiful St. Regis resort. Abu Dhabi also has plenty of fine dining restaurants that will capture your attention, including the famous Japanese restaurant Zuma. The Emirates Palace is no doubt, beautiful and as opulent as it gets. Abu Dhabi is really interesting as it’s actually made up of multiple islands, and each island is has a specialty. The Yas Island is home to the F1 races as well as the Ferrari world and Aquaventure theme parks, whereas Sir Baniyas island besides its sandy beaches has a gorgeous wildlife themed resort, complete with animals!

2. Osaka, Japan for the family trip

2018 Ultimate travel bucket list|Osaka Japan
Thais Saito of World Trip Diaries suggests Osaka, Japan

Why Osaka should be on your ultimate travel bucket list this year

Thais of World Trip Diaries claims that Osaka left her family head over heels for the city. “Japan is a great country for tourists, everyone knows it. But one city has left us head over heels, and it’s Osaka. Osaka has all Japan has to offer, it’s closer than Tokyo to Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, and many other places that are on people’s bucket lists. It’s smaller and less chaotic than Tokyo, it has Universal Studios Japan and the food. The best food we’ve ever had in Japan was from Osaka.
The best thing, in my opinion, is that the people are a lot less worried about the noise – we could chat without bothering people inside trains, for instance. It was hard to get my kids to stop chatting in other cities. Another bonus is that we found a lot of flights arriving in Osaka and accommodation to be a lot cheaper than in Tokyo. For those visiting Osaka in the near future, don’t forget to add a visit to USJ, Osaka Castle, Namba, Kuromon Market, the Cupnoodle Museum, and a trip to Nara and Kyoto.”
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3. Bali, Indonesia for the budget traveller

That's Ketut on the far right there. #Besttourguidever
Prices are now down in Bali

Why Bali should be on your ultimate travel bucket list in 2018

Not only is Bali notoriously cheap, it’s also dying down in tourists thanks to the eruption of Mount Agung late last year. Now that the threat has largely declined, it’s also now a far less crowded place to go to, with hotels in Bali offering much deeper discounts than they ever did. Luxury for less in blissful nature? Start packing your bags now!

4. Queenstown, New Zealand for the adrenaline seekers

The ultimate 2018 travel bucket list|Queenstown, New Zealand
Photo of Lake Wakitapu by Tom Stevenson

 Why Queenstown, New Zealand deserves to be on your bucket list in 2018

Tom Stevenson of The Travelling Tom blog recommends Queenstown, New Zealand as a destination for the adventurous this year.”Queenstown in New Zealand is one of my favourite destinations. Despite being a small town, there is plenty to do here! Queenstown is known as the adrenaline capital of New Zealand, due to the high number of heart racing activities you can do in the area. You can go bungy jumping, sky diving and jet-boating within easy reach of Queenstown. During the winter, you can also head to The Remarkables ski field and tackle the beautiful slopes! If you want a slower pace during your travels, Queenstown has a number of great hikes you can do. Or, you could simply wander around the town, and take in the amazing views of Lake Wakatipu and the surrounding mountains. Queenstown is somewhere that should be on everyone’s bucket list for 2018!”

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5. Jersey, Channel Islands for the obscure

The Ultimate travel bucketlist for 2018|Jersey, Channel Islands
The best beach in Jersey, Channel Islands by Margherita Ragg, The Crowded planet

Why Jersey, Channel islands is on the list

“Jersey was definitely my 2017 travel surprise – I went there without expecting much, and anded up falling in love, so much that I’ve already planned another trip there! So I can’t help but recommend it to everyone as a destination for 2018. The ‘Jersey’ I’m talking about is not the US state, but the place after which the state is named – tiny Jersey in the Channel Islands. Jersey is a lot closer to France than to the UK, but it’s English-speaking and a British crown possession.
One of the reasons why I loved Jersey so much is the variety of things to see and do in just 45 square miles. There are dozens of hiking trails, beaches to explore, historic sights and many war fortifications, lighthouses, offshore towers and even a conservation-based zoo, established by the great naturalists Gerald Durrell. A weekend will barely be enough to scratch the surface of what Jersey has to offer – I can promise that after the first trip, you’ll want to go back!”
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6. Kotor, Montenegro for those seeking the next “IT” destination

Bay of Kotor|The ultimate 2018 travel bucket list
Bay of Kotor by Kiara Gallop

Why Kotor, Montenegro deserves a place on this bucket list

Kiara Gallop of Gallop around the world thinks Kotor is the next big destination. “Kotor managed to remain largely off most traveller’s radars until a few years ago when budget airlines Ryanair and Easyjet began running flights to Podgorica (Montenegro’s capital) and Tivat (the closest airport to Kotor, approximately 10 kilometres away). Now it is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination, so you NEED to discover it before everyone else does!

Kotor is located in a secluded corner of the deepest natural fjord-like bay in the Mediterranean Sea. Its Old Town has earned itself UNESCO World Heritage status, and I guarantee it will totally charm your socks off. Remember Dubrovnik before it became overrun with tourists?

Kotor is somewhere that successfully manages to pull out all the stops: it’s got everything you’d expect from a city – historic sights, delicious food, and a vast array of nightlife options, but with the feel of a quaint little town that’s surrounded by the kind of mountains you’d expect to find in a remote rural location.

Two things you absolutely must do in Kotor is climb the 1350 steps up to its fortress for incredible panoramic views across Kotor Bay, and take a boat trip around the bay itself for an entirely different – but equally stunning – perspective.”

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7. Split, Croatia for those who enjoy charming old towns

Split, Croatia|Travel bucket list 2018
Photo by Jennifer Kanikula

Why Split and not Dubrovnik?

“If you want to experience Croatia at its finest, look no further than the city of Split. Split’s idyllic setting offers a backdrop consisting of dramatic mountain ranges along with a coastline of crystal clear blue waters. The main “city” of Split is also referred to as Old Town as it represents the original town of Split within the walls of Diocletian’s Palace. Old town is charming and captivating. While the architecture maintains a representation of its history, the narrow stone roads are lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops that give the city a modern pulse. Also, the stunning beaches within walking distance of Old Town are not to be missed. Never have I ever seen water so clear and so blue!

While many tourists often flock to the competing city of Dubrovnik, I would have to argue that Split is the more unique and authentic version of the two. With less tourists and more locals, you can experience Croatia at its best.”Jennifer Kanikula from The Sofull Traveler. Follow her on Twitter.

8. Paris, France for those who love a full agenda

Ultimate travel bucket list 2018|Paris, France
View from the Musée d’Orsay through the old train station clock to the Louvre. Both Museums are hosting temporary exhibition throughout the year. | P.C. Lena Dreverman

Why Paris should be on your ultimate travel bucket list

Before you roll your eyes at this classically romantic city, which is already on most people’s bucket lists, Lena from Four on a World Trip explains why this year is especially good to go there.

Paris is bustling with life. No matter if you are into art and exhibitions, concerts and shows, or if sports are more your thing – you can be sure to find a related event every other day. 2018 comes with a full agenda and a lot of must-attend events for every culture or sport enthusiast. A highlight comes along as soon as February – an exhibition called “Dutch artists in Paris, Van Gogh – Van Dongen – Mondrian” which takes place in the beautiful Petit Palais. Just a few weeks later in April, the “Art Paris Art Fair” celebrates it’s 20th anniversary with more than 140 Art Galleries gathering in the equally stunning Grand Palais. 

The Parisian Summer 2018 is for the sportive amongst us. Apart from a variety of marathons, the Tour de France and of course the French Open at Roland Garros, Paris is also honoured by hosting the Gay Games this year! This international competition is open to everyone, whatever the age, level or gender and is accompanied by plenty of events throughout the city during the first half of august. 
If you happen to be in Paris in October, make sure not to miss the biennial Paris Motor Show! It’s one of the most important automobile shows worldwide and usually the place where new concepts are celebrating their debut.” 

9. Eger, Hungary for those who seek off-the-beaten track

Ultimate travel bucket list 2018|Eger, Hungary
View of the Eger from the Castle walls | P.C. Cris from LooknWalk

Why Eger?

“Eger is a small historic town in Hungary that’s very well known for three things: it is the home of the main wine region in the country, its castle was the last to fall to the Turks, and some incredible baths.

Together with my husband, we share a passion for visiting historical cities and castles in particular. So for one of our wedding anniversaries, we worked out a two-day itinerary in Eger.

Of course, our first goal was to visit the castle, where we ended up spending a lot of time. There are some videos being shown at regular intervals and while they are very interesting; you would only understand a bit if you don’t speak Hungarian (there aren’t any subtitles). But the exhibitions do have English translations.

Whether you enjoy drinking wine or not, the “Town under the town” tour, which visits the old church cellars, is a must. It is in Hungarian, but you can request booklets in English (and other languages). The text follows the Hungarian presentation.

Eger is a lovely addition to your trip to Hungary and it can easily be reached by train, bus or car from Budapest.” – Cris from LooknWalk. Follow her on Facebook & Twitter

10. Svaneti, Georgia for those who love to head for the hills

Ultimate 2018 travel bucket list| Svaneti, Georgia
Svaneti, Georgia | P.C. Nate at Travellemming.com

Why Svaneti should be on your travel bucket list

“Accessible only via a single winding road over steep cliffs, the mountainous region of Svaneti is perhaps one of the most enchanted places on the planet. Svaneti, Georgia is home to the Svan people, who for centuries managed to fend off some of the world’s most famous invaders (including the Ottomans and Mongols), and whose reputation as a fierce warrior culture is still unbesmirched today.

Visitors to Svaneti will be greeted by hundreds of ancient watchtowers, which still stand sentry over the villages and towns that dot its majestic landscapes. Here you can spend your days hiking through the wilderness (you won’t have to go far to find yourself in complete isolation with nature), and your evenings drinking home-brewed wine next to a fireplace in a Svan guesthouse. Hurry and go to Svaneti now, though, because, with the recent introduction of flights from Tbilisi, the secret about this magical land is out! ” – Nate, TravelLemming.com. Follow him on Instagram or Facebook.

11. Coron, Philippines to island hop

coron palawan | Ultimate travel bucket list 2018
Coron, Palawan by K.Cortes

 Why Coron?

Katherine from Tara Lets Anywhere thinks that Coron is the perfect destination for those who love to explore new islands.

“There is no better time to visit Coron in the Philippines than this 2018. This first-class municipality in Palawan is one of the most beautiful places in Southeast Asia, and it’s relatively less touristy compared to other island destinations.

The top activity to do in Coron is to island hop. It has numerous beaches with white sand, turquoise water. It has clear lagoons in varying shades of blue and green. It also has several lakes, the most famous of which is Kayangan Lake, also dubbed as the cleanest in Asia. As for the snorkeling and diving, you can see various species such as giant clams and diverse marine ecosystems and explore Japanese shipwrecks dating from WW2. In fact, Forbes’ traveler magazine has included Coron in its list of top 10 scuba diving sites.

If you’re looking for other activities, you can trek in Mount Tapyas and relax in Maquinit hot springs. A short land travel will also bring you to Calauit Safari, where you can see various wildlife such as giraffes.”

12. Skellig Michael, Ireland for the Star Wars fans

Kerry; skellig Michael|Ultimate travel bucket list
Kerry; skellig Michael P.C. Tourism Ireland

Why Skellig Michael should be on your bucket list this year

There is a good reason that Ireland is a star of the screen – from romantic castles to the mysterious beauty of the landscape, the island has a cinematic sense of style. Step into the stunning Atlantic island of Skellig Michael off the coast of County Kerry, which featured as Luke Skywalker’s hide-out in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This place is secluded, features monks that have been living there for over a millennium.

13. Bucharest, Romania for the budget traveller

Bucharest, Romania | Top travel destinations in 2018
Source: Pixabay

Why Bucharest should be on your ultimate travel bucket list this year

Violeta from Earth’s Attractions says Bucharest, Romania’s capital, has a lot to offer to its visitors. “Impressive buildings, lovely museums, beautiful old architecture, a vibrant nightlife, and more all year long. I admit, I love my hometown and I recommend it from the heart to my friends, but this is not the main reason that I focused on Bucharest.To give you just some ideas of the things you can see and do here, Bucharest is home to the biggest civilian building in the world – the Palace of the Parliament (which is the second biggest building in the world after the Pentagon), the wonderful open-air museum, with old authentic houses from all over the country, the Village Museum and more. You will also find outdoor events and fairs marking the most important holidays along the year (Easter & Christmas), summer and winter parks and special attractions. Don’t miss the Spring Palace – the official residence of the Ceausescu’s family and Carturesti Caroussel – one of the most beautiful book shops I’ve ever seen. Bucharest also has beautiful passages, wonderful houses in different styles, and great parks.

It’s also a rather cheap destination (it ranked among the cheapest ones in some tops), especially when compared to some of the other European capitals. I could go on and on about Bucharest, but I think I will do something even better: invite you here to discover it for yourself!”

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14. Central Australia for the roadtrippers

Central Australia | Ultimate travel bucket list
Central Australia can offer more than just ‘a rock’ -P.C. Claire from Claire’s Footsteps

Why Central Australia?

“Tell a few people that you’re planning on visiting Central Australia, and I guarantee you’ll get ‘you do know that it’s just a big rock there, don’t you?’ in response.” says Claire from Claire’s Footsteps.

“The rock in question is the almighty Uluru, and yes, it’s a big rock that’s in Central Australia. But the world’s largest monolith is well worth an expensive flight or long road trip – seeing it is an experience like no other. It’s been a place of Aboriginal significance for millenniums and I can guarantee that it will capture your spirit as well.

However, Uluru is just not it. Alice Springs is known as the ‘Capital of the Outback’, and is home to amazing artists, spectacular surrounding beauty and unique attractions such as the Desert Park and the School of the Air. Just out of Alice Springs are the breath-taking West McDonnell Ranges, which are full of gorges, mountains and greenery that you never thought you’d find in the outback. If you want to get more off the beaten track, you could visit the spectacular Rainbow Valley for sunset, or venture to the less visited East McDonnell Ranges. There are four wheel drive tracks and scenic lookouts over the red dirt landscape all over the region.

There’s definitely more than a big rock in Central Australia, but my advice? Beat the crowds and get there in 2018 before the secret gets out.”

15. Cape Town, South Africa from those who like a bit of everything when they travel

Ultimate travel bucket list |Cape Town, South Africa
P.C. Stingy Nomads

Why Cape Town?

Cape Town is an amazing city to visit where you will find plenty of activities and things to do to keep you busy for the whole period of your stay; from wine-tasting
and enjoying exquisite cuisine to hiking and surfing. Cape Town is full of events all year around and this year there are some great festivals and events, including Paradise Springs 2018, The Grand White Cape Town 2018, Cape Town International Jazz festival, and Ultra South Africa. There are also hundreds of sport and outdoor events like Two Oceans Marathon and CT Cycling Tour 2018. The highlights of Cape Town include Table Mountain – the iconic symbol of the city, V&A Waterfront – a busy promenade with many restaurants and bars, Bo Kaap – the most colourful neighbourhood of the city, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens – a beautiful place with many walking trails and some longer hiking options, and the Lion’s Head – the second most recognisable mountain in Cape Town.” Campbell & Alya from Stingy Nomads.

16. Istanbul, Turkey for those seeking tourist bliss with a twist

Turkey, Istanbul | Top travel bucket list
Ordikoy mosque by Jub of Tiki Touring Kiwi

Why Istanbul should be on your ultimate travel bucket list

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re a history buff, bucket list ticker, foodie, beach bum, nature lover, sports fanatic, or whatever else floats your boat. Istanbul offers something for everyone.” says Jub from Tiki Touring Kiwi.

“Everyone should see the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, and while you’re at it; the Spice and/or Grand Bazaar. These can be all done on the same day, leaving the rest of your time in the city to pursue attractions and activities that suit your interests.

For those who love nature like me, the Belgrad Forest was a revelation as was the park near Vodafone Park (a must visit for any sports fan). The city can be overwhelming at first, but the longer you spend in Istanbul, the more you uncover such as the presence of halva (dessert) which I only learned of a week before leaving the country after a few months. If you’re looking for a beach, you’ll want to consider taking the ferry to the Princess Islands.
Istanbul rocks! And yes, for the party people, Taksim is where you’ll want to be based for 24/7 action.”
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17. Orkney Islands, Scotland for the history buffs

Corkney Islands, Scotland|Ultimate travel bucket list
P.c. Helena Kreis

Why Orkney Islands should be on your ultimate travel bucket list

Helena from From an Aussie’s Eyes highly recommends the Orkney Islands. “The Orkney Islands are an archipelago north of mainland Scotland. Although these islands may be small, they are a history buff’s haven.  These islands hold numerous Neolithic sites including the famous Skara Brae; the best preserved group of prehistoric houses. The mystery of why this Neolithic settlement just disappeared is also a good source of wonderment.

Standing in the middle of the ‘Heart of Neolithic Orkney’ you can see the Ring of Brodgar, a Neolithic henge and stone circle, the Ness of Brodgar, an archaeological site that could predate Skara Brae, the Standing Stones of Stenness, a Neolithic monument and the famous Maeshowe, a Neolithic chambered cairn with Viking graffiti.

If you prefer more modern history, than you should check out the Italian Chapel that is a highly ornate Catholic chapel that was built during World War II by Italian prisoners of war. This is just down the road from Scapa Flow. Scapa Flow is a body of water that was used during both World Wars. You can still see the blocker ships that were purposely sunk to keep the German subs out. If you want to visit a different and historically interesting location for 2018, than the Orkney Islands are for you.”

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18. Taghazout, Morocco for the surfers

Taghazout, Morocco
P.C. Bilyana from Owl over the world

Why Taghazout should be on your ultimate travel bucket list

“On my 3 weeks Morocco trip itinerary, Taghazout was one of the places that I loved the most. ” says Bilyana from Owl over the world. “Taghazout is a laidback fisherman’s village close to Agadir. The place is very relaxed, pretty and calm. It’s well known by surfers and it’s a great place to surf. It’s a very small village and there are not many things to do there. You can surf, enjoy the beach, or just relax for a while away from the big and crazy cities in Morocco, like Marrakech for example.Oh, did I mentioned the beautiful Moroccan sunsets? In Taghazout, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset over the Atlantic Ocean from the terrace where you’re staying. I recommend everyone visiting Morocco and who wants to go off the beaten track to make a stop in Taghazout.”

19. Porto, Portugal for Instagrammers

Porto, Portugal | James | ultimate travel bucket list
Nightfall in Porto by James, Worldwide Shopping Guide

Why Porto should be on your list

James from Worldwide Shopping Guide highly recommends Porto. “Portugal’s second city Porto may not feature on travel itineraries as capital city Lisbon, and that’s definitely a mistake. Although smaller, Porto has plenty to offer and is a fantastic option for a short break.

To say Porto is beautiful is an understatement. The city is incredibly photogenic, with its small, narrow streets, grand bridges, and historical town buildings. At almost every corner, you’re greeted with a new and beautiful view of the city that’s just begging to be captured as a photo.
Then there’s the Port. Although most people have tried Port before, very few have an affinity for it. Take the time to visit the Port cellars on the banks of the River Douro, and learn about all the different style of Porto, and you’ll leave Porto a Port connoisseur. Porto is also home to some unique regional dishes that are definitely worth investigating, the most unusual of which is the Francesinha. Based on the croque-monsieur, the Francesinha is a sandwich that’s made from layers of steak, pork, sausage, and cheese that’s then covered in a beer and tomato sauce and served with chips. It’s not for everyone, and part of the dishes popularity is its novelty, but it’s definitely a fun dish to try while you’re in Porto.”
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20. Berlin, Germany for the hipsters

Ultimate travel bucket list|Berlin
P.C. Caddy from Lazy Gal Travels

Why Berlin should be on your list

Caddy from Lazy Gal Travels says, “A city shrouded in history from monarchs, world wars, spies and scandals, Berlin is the type of city that invites all visitors to dig a little deeper into its past. During the daytime explore the underground bunkers, walk along the Berlin Wall at Bernauer Straße and catch the best view of the city from the top of Reichstag. But it is often said Berlin shines brighter at night. Some of the world’s best bars, clubs and speakeasies call Berlin home, and home they are for some of the wildest nights you’ll ever encounter.

A city for night owls, Berlin’s nightlife establishments rarely close before 6 am, and even after that, there is always another place to go. In the summer outdoor clubs such as Griessmuehle and Kater Blau boom techno all night (and day) long. When the weather gets a little colder, snuggle up in candlelit bars such as Villa Neukölln.

If you just want to chill out, pick up a few beers and head to Tempelhof Feld, an old and historic airport located in the south of the city. Or rent a bike and explores the city’s extensive Tiergarten park, which also has its own zoo. No matter what you’re into, Berlin has something to cater to every taste.”

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21. Sardinia, Italy for the foodies

Ultimate travel bucket list | Sardinia, Italy
P.C. Allison from Up and At Em Travel

Why Sardinia?

Allison from Up and At Em Travel suggests Sardinia as a great place for foodies. “Travelers with a love for beaches, Italian cuisine and la dolce vita will adore a trip to Sardinia. If you have missed out on this special island destination in the Tyrrhenian Sea, delay no longer. The Italian island, known as Sardegna by locals, offers a truly lovely destination to unwind.

Visitors can even stay in La Maddalena, an archipelago just off the coast of Sardinia, a short ferry ride away from Palau. The colorful town old town of La Maddalena is a beautiful place to wander around, sampling various flavors of gelato. La Maddalena has a relaxed feel, and the most popular activities here are swimming, boating and fishing. Many boat operators offer island tours that allow you to explore more secluded beaches, and they feed you fresh seafood pasta on board at lunchtime.

For a dash of European history, head over to Alghero, which houses several archaeological sites. Outside of the town center, you can see the Anghelu Ruju necropolis, the Villa Romana of Santa Imbenia and ancient nuraghe structures, constructed between 1900 and 730 BC. Whether you prefer to sunbathe, hike, feast or learn about past civilizations, Sardinia has something for everyone.”

22. Fulidhoo, Maldives for those that seek luxury for less

Why Fulidhoo?

Chris from Backpacker Banter says, “In the thoughts of most travellers the Maldives is a honeymoon destination – but did you know its possible to visit Maldives on a budget?

Out of some of the awesome local islands that you can explore is  Fulidhoo. Just a few hours south of Male Airport this tiny little island (seriously you can walk from one end to the other in like 5 minutes!) is full of awesome island vibes, friendly locals and some incredible scuba diving.
From drift dives alongside huge schools of fish to the famous night dive with nurse sharks this is an epic spot to scuba dive in the Maldives – whether you’re learning to scuba or already an experienced diver.
And best of all? Fulidhoo wont put a huge dent in your travel budget either – with a double room in an ocean view hotel at around $50 a night and meals for about $5, there’s no excuse for the Maldives not to be on your bucket list this year!”
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  1. Ah if only I had the money to travel.. 🙂 I actually just went to Queenstown, NZ and would love to go back – it’s absolutely amazing! Thank you for the tips, I’ve pinned this for later.

  2. There’s so many places and not enough time in 2018! I really love the idea of island hopping in Coron, that looks really beautiful- definitely one for the bucket list!

  3. wow what an awesome list! The ONLY place on this list Ive been to is Paris! And I thought I had been to alot of places! I def have my eye on surfing in Morocco -Ive recently been learning to surf, and would love to get out there!

  4. wow thats great list! I can cross Paris, Berlin and Bali from it but I am dreaming to visit Queenstown, Cape Town and Maldives. There is so many places I would love to see, world is just too big haha

  5. I love Abu Dhabi or AD for most of us the grew up in the UAE. Its a city I first moved to as a kid.
    Porto, as well as an amazing city and the locals, are soo nice, I enjoyed my time there especially for new years.

  6. We have just booked to go to Uluru! Totally agree about Split it’s a fabulous place to visit! Also Montenegro is great and I have been reading a lot more posts about it recently / time to revamp mine I think!

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