I’m a sucker for Asian food and when I found out that Al Bustan Rotana is hosting a new buffet called Imperial Nights, I was raring to go! Combining the best of cuisines from South East and Far East Asia, Imperial Nights is a combination of delights from Benihana, the infamous local favourite Blue Elephant and Choices.

Ok, so I don’t want to particularly walk you through the buffet this time. Because of the vast number of choices, I’m going to tell you what to go for instead!

Imperial Nights|Al Bustan Rotana
A few street signs ready to take you on a gastronomical journey.
Imperial Nights|Al Bustan Rotana
A run through of the Asian street style market buffet

We ended up sitting at the Choices restaurant, but vibe-wise I think The Blue Elephant is nicer. Sitting at Choices just meant we were closer to the food though!┬á­čśÇ

Choices Restaurant|Imperial Nights|Al Bustan Rotana
We were seated next to the Korean food station.
Choices|Imperial Nights at Al Bustan Rotana|Quite a large seafood spread for those that love it in Choices.
Quite a large seafood spread for those that love it in Choices.
My friend H. checking out the dimsum choices|Imperial Nights at Al Bustan Rotana
My friend H. checking out the dimsum choices.

At Choices, they had DIY stir fry (good if you know your flavours) , duck with pancakes (could skip) and Vietnamese paper rolls with various choices (definitely try this one). The rolls are so delicately done and you have a large variety of sauces to choose from which makes this my favourite part of the Choices restaurant.

To be honest, I spent most of my time at Blue Elephant, mainly because Thai food remains my favourite cuisine of all time. I indulged in a scrumptious green curry and delighted in it. For dessert, I opeted for the mango sticky rice which was a bit of a disappointment. The rendang was also not what I was used to having during my years in Malaysia. There were some delicious chicken dishes though.

The iconic Blue Elephant|Imperial Nights at Al Bustan Rotana
The iconic Blue Elephant

I had never tried Benihana before, but this visit made me want to taste almost everything. The food did not fail me. An amazing set of sushi rolls on display here. I recommend the Benihana special, but pretty much all the ones I tried were delicious. I also indulged on the tempura a lot.

Cherry blossom vibes at Benihana|Imperial Nights|Al Bustan Rotana
Cherry blossom vibes at Benihana
Loved these!|Benihana|Imperial Nights|Al Bustan Rotana
Loved these!
Massive spread of sushi|Imperial Nights|Al bustan rotana
Massive spread of sushi

On to the desserts. This is possibly the only place where I’ve seen such a massive matcha spread!

It’s a matcha! Loved this awesome #matcha cart full of desserts at the #ImperialNights buffet @albustanrotana Al garhoud. My bff and I loved the spread from @benihana, The Blue Elephant and Choices. Absolutely mouth watering food and overwhelming spreads from #Korea, #Thailand, #Japan, #Indonesia and more! At AED 229 including soft drinks, this was an amazing evening buffet option for those that delight in #Asian cuisine. . . . . #eeeeeats #tastemade #forkyeah #dailycortado┬á#yahoofood #huffposttaste #buzzfeast #instafeast #bareaders #foodandwine #vscofood #beautifulcuisines #heresmyfood #theartofslowliving #rslove #realsimple #foodporn #cntravelereats #albustanrotana #zomatouae #dubaifoodblogger #uaefoodblogger #dubaiblogger

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Imperial Nights|Al Bustan Rotana Imperial Nights|Al Bustan Rotana

Glorious, glorious matcha|Imperial Nights|Al Bustan Rotana
Glorious, glorious matcha

Overall, a brilliant buffet concept with not extremely expensive prices. The Imperial Nights buffet runs every Thursday night from 6.30pm to 11:30pm. Here are the prices that include service tax:

AED 250 with soft drinks
AED 285 with selected beverages
AED 360 with premium beverages

LOCATION: Al Bustan Rotana, Al Garhoud

Update: As of May 2022, this establishment has been shut down.

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