Are you a cat person? Then this is the ultimate list for you! These cat cafes around the world are perfect for those that love these fur babies and want some alternative travel goals. I’ve asked over 25+ travel bloggers to contribute and curate to this amazing list and I’m sure you will love to share these with with your fellow cat lovers! What’s the closest cat cafe near you? These cat cafes around the world are listed alphabetically; they’re in no particular order.

28 cat cafes around the world



Catmosphere cafe kitty | Image credit: Bryony at Coasting Australia
Catmosphere kitty | Image credit: Bryony at Coasting Australia
If you’re visiting Sydney and are feeling the strain of the hustle and bustle of city life, why not head to Surrey Hills and let the team at Catmosphere help you wind down.
Located just a short bus ride or walk from the city centre, Catmosphere is Sydney’s original cat cafe – where you can enjoy a coffee with a rescue cat or kitten, learn some special moves in feline yoga classes or even catch a flick at the weekend movie sessions. There is a different movie each week and you are treated to popcorn and caramel shakes too – with special family friendly or adults only sessions available.
Catmosphere in Sydney is dedicated to to supporting animals in need – being partnered with two rescue groups – the World League for Protection of Animals, and Kitten University – helping some visitors find their furever friends when they visit.
During your visit you can choose to play with the kittens or relax with a good book and a sleepy cat on your lap – what better way to de-stress!
– Contributed by Bryony at Coasting Australia – currently travelling Australia full time with 2 kids and a dog (the cat refused to live in the bus!) 




Collage of Neko Cafe by Marie
Collage of Neko Cafe by Marie
Europe’s first cat café opened in Vienna in 2012. It is owned by Japanese Takako Ishimitsu, thus the name “neko” which is japanese for cat. It took 3 years of negotiation with the city government before the café was given permission to open. Located at  Vienna’s city center, the 5 cats named Moritz, Luca (both maine coons), Thomas, Momo, and Sonja freely move around as guests drink their coffee, or tea and eat their cakes, or traditional Japanese food (which comes in glass-covered plates).
Unlike most cat cafés where you pay per hour of stay, Neko café is just a regular coffee shop where you buy what you fancy from a menu where the cats are also introduced. The menu also has a guideline of do’s and don’ts which highlights mostly respect for the cats’ space. You can not bring in cat food, but you can buy treats from the server and offer the resident cats.
They serve a number of hot drinks as matcha latte, cappuccino, genmachai, cold beverages as aloe vera juice,orange, grape juices, and japanese cold tea among others. If you’re hungry, you can have riceballs and inarizushi (tofu bag with rice filling) and then have ice cream and cake for dessert.
Neko café  can be found at Blumnestockgasse 5, at the corner of Ballgasse, just a few minutes walk from the big dome and behind the shopping building, Steffl. – By Marie of Vienna 101 Facets




One of the cat cafes around the world in Minsk, Belarus|Cat looking at drawing of a cat
Cat Cafe in Minsk | Image credit: Inspired by maps
When you think of Belarus you might not think immediately about cat cafes! Turns out, this post-Soviet state is obsessed with them going so far as to create a cat museum – and it’s as weird as you would expect! Board games, children’s art stuck all over the room, temporary exhibits and we kid you not here, the director of the Museum is officially a cat called Jimmy.
Not only that, but all of the cats here are employees with their own job titles – though they are about as passionate about their work as any other communist worker. Sure, they might let you pat them for a few minutes, but the scowl of contempt permanently on their face lets you know they are not getting paid enough for this. One of the cheapest cat cafes in the world at only a few dollars to enter, the Minsk Cat Cafe is my favorite thing to do in an otherwise rather boring city. – Jordan, Inspired by maps


Czech Republic


Cat cafe in Olomouc, Czech Republic by Love and Road
Cat cafe in Olomouc, Czech Republic by Love and Road

Olomouc town in one of the best-kept secrets in the Czech Republic. This baroque town is so charming and so unique that many people call it a small version of Prague. There are many places to visit and things to do in Olomouc , but what most of the travelers don’t think about is to visit a cat cafe. I’m crazy about cats and in every destination I arrive, I search for a place to have a nice cappuccino and play with some furry friends. So when I arrived in Olomouc my first afternoon coffee was at Coffee Cat [kočičí kavárna in czech]. It’s a hidden cafe on the first floor of a commercial building, just off the old town. The sign is small, only cat lovers would find it and if you are in Olomouc it’s worth to visit. Inside about 15 cats will be waiting for you, from big fluffy Persians to ginger Garfields and playful kittens. No rush there, you can stay as much as you want, you only need to order a coffee and maybe a pie. Since you are in the Czech Republic, the cat cafe also serves good local beer, a good call if you want to go for a happy hour with friends and the cats. I love it! – By Nat of Love and Road



Cat cafe in Prague is kid friendly
Image credit: RTW Families
Cat Cafe, Prague is a unique kind of cat cafe. Yes, it has the obligatory, very cute kitties but it is so much more than a cat cafe!
The cafe has several large rooms and you feel the cats have loads of space to roam around in. There is free Wifi so it was perfect for us to come and get some work done whilst also spending some time with these furry friends. In addition to that there are also games consoles and board games in different rooms so you can even come here to play without cats! And unlike most cat cafes you only pay for the time you spend in the cafe AND tea, coffee, snacks are all free! When our 10-year-old found out about that she decided this was her new favourite place to visit in all of Prague. – By Suewan Kemp of RTW Families




Cat Cafe Nurri | Cat at play
Cat at play at Cat Cafe Nurri | Image credits: Trip Gourmets

We discovered the Cat Cafe Nurri (Kassikohvik Nurriand) during a short city trip to Tallinn. The cat cafe was very close to the AirBnB we rented in the Maakri neighbourhood of Tallinn. It is open all year round, every day from 12 am to 7 pm. 

The cafe has a good Italian menu (also vegetarian food) and some seriously delicious coffees. The highlight Is definitely the cats though. During our visit, the cafe was home to around 8 cats. The family-run enterprise takes very good care of the cats, which all come from animal shelters. All cats have the necessary vaccine shots, tracking chips and are neutered. They also look very healthy, clean and well fed.

What I really like about this Cat Cafe is that the cats have a big playground with many toys to play with and cat trees to climb. They furthermore have always the possibility to leave the public area whenever they want. The cats are very placid and often in a mood to play. The fee for entering the Cat Cafe Nurri is 5 Euro for adults and 2.5 Euros for pensioners and students. Families pay 10 Euro all together. I can highly recommend a visit to this great little place in Tallinn. – Thomas Mathys from Trip Gourmets




Ball of floof at Cat Cafe Purnauskis in Tampere, Finland | Image Credit: Nomad Epicureans
Ball of floof at Cat Cafe Purnauskis in Tampere, Finland | Image Credit: Nomad Epicureans

Located in the Tammela district of Tampere, Cat Cafe Purnauskis was Finland’s first cat cafe. When you arrive, you first ring the doorbell in order for the staff to let you in safely, without any cats scurrying outside. You then pay an admission fee of 5€ per person before you take a seat and place your order. Stepping into the cafe, it almost feels like an extension of the outside. Warm natural woods dominate  the interior and the room is flushed with light. This magic kingdom is home to six cats with vastly different personalities. However different they are, they all love human companionship and are used to cafe visitors. Often they will let you play with them and at other times they may just curl up next to you while you drink your cup of coffee. The cafe serves rich lattes, spicy teas, as well as sweet and savory treats. For the small sum of 25€, you may even try a cup of the famous Kopi Luwak which the cafe sources sustainably. Purnauskis cooperate with Kisu Ry, a non-profit organization dedicated to re-homing cats. Through the cafe, you can get to know the association and support it financially. – Jacky from Nomad Epicureans




The Budapest Cat Cafe is the first cat cafe I’ve ever come across on my trip to Budapest. Relatively empty, it’s teamed with cats rolling around in the area on different stoops. They’re kept to themselves, but you can go ahead and get familiar with them. They have a decent amount of coffee and edibles on offer, with dairy free alternatives. They also have some wifi, so if you’re a digital nomad in the area that loves felines, you will definitely get some much needed TLC in this place!




Cat cuddle and a book anyone? | Image credit: Claudia of My Adventures Across the World
Cat cuddle and a book anyone? | Image credit: Claudia of My Adventures Across the World
Cat Café di Chry opened in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia (Italy) at the end of November 2017. It was quite an event, in a city where lots of cats are still ill treated, abandoned and end up living a life of misery and struggles in the streets. Given the enormous success of the café, there’s high hopes that more and more people in the city will become more sensitive about issues such as animal welfare and the importance of sterilizing their own pets.
Cat Café di Chry is located in Via San Giacomo, in the heart of the beautiful Villanova neighborhood in Cagliari. The most important feature of Cat Café di Chry are the cats. There’s 5 beautiful cats that live in the café (four females and a male), all of them have been adopted from a shelter, to live a comfortable life surrounded by the love of the staff and of the visitors of the café.
In order to ensure the welfare of all the residents,  Cat Café di Chry has a set of very strict rules for visitors, which include not picking up the animals but waiting for their attention; not waking up the cats if they are asleep; and not feeding the cats.
The café serves delicious coffee and tea, as well as snacks, sandwiches, cakes and pastries from the best bakeries in the city. Cat Café di Chry is open every day from 2:00 pm onwards.
By Claudia of My Adventures Across the World



Aerial view of the cat cafe in Rome
Cats everywhere!
Visiting a cat cafe might just be one of the   must-have experiences in Rome away from the tourist attractions.
The Romeow Cat Bistrot was the first cat cafe I have ever visited. It was during my first trip to Rome when I randomly found about it and went to check it out. The cafe itself is located in an off the beaten path area of Rome, which is very nice actually. Besides the friendly kittens and trendy design, the cafe offers a variety of great juices, smoothies, and cakes – it’s vegan-friendly too. I must admit that I’m usually a dog person, but I really enjoyed the cafe – the food is delicious, the atmosphere is nice and it’s a cool place to visit overall. The cafe is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so plan accordingly! – Bilyana from Owl over the world




Interior shot of cat cafe in Tokyo
Image credit: Swedish Nomad

The first Cat Cafe started in Taipei, but the capital of cat cafes has always been Tokyo. In fact, there are so many cat cafes here that you could probably spend 1-3 days just visitng the various ones, and that might not still be enough time. My favorite though is the one in Harajuku, called MoChA.

The hygiene is strict, and visitors must respect cats. You’re free to pet the cats or play with them as long as they want to. There are plenty of places where the cats can relax and hide if they want to be left alone, and they even have a backdoor.

When we went, there were almost always 5-8 cats that either relaxed somewhere or played with us or some other visitors. It’s a nice place, and since it’s located on the 4th floor, you also have a view from up here.

You can buy beverages for yourself and snacks for the cats, which is recommended if you just stay for a short period of time and want to play with the cats. Prices are reasonable as well, and you pay only for the time you visit, rather than a high entrance fee.

You can come here as drop in, and during most times of the day, you don’t need to book in advance. – By Alex of Swedish Nomad




I find this cat cafe special because they don’t only serve delicious food for every person with different food preferences. They offer such relaxing atmosphere to those who are looking to simply enjoy a companionship with a cat or cats. My favourite feature of this cat cafe is that the cats here are adopted from the pet care home. The cafe makes sure that these cats are enjoying their life regardless of their pasts. As a customer, you can speak to the staffs about the stories of the cats in the cafe. I also find this place like a safe place for people who are feeling down or having a rough day. Watching these cute fur babies takes the little problems a person has even for such a short period of time. The cafe is located at Jasinskio g.1, Vilnius Lithuania. It runs on Mondays to Saturdays between 12 -10 pm and on Sundays between 12 – 7 pm. – Mary of Move to Vietnam
Looking for more things to do in Lithuania? Check out my awesome Baltic itinerary guide!




Purrfect cat cafe in Penang, georgetown, Malaysia
Purrfect cat | Image credit: Teja on the horizon

I discovered Purrfect Cat Cafe quite serendipitously. It was my second time in the UNESCO Heritage City of Georgetown, Penang, and I was with some colleagues on a short trip after our meetings in Kuala Lumpur. We were looking for live music that evening, but once we sighted the cat cafe, the music search was forgotten! Purrfect Cat Cafe is located on Lebuh Muntri, near the well-known ‘yawning arch’ street art at Ryokan Hostel. The cats are shelter cats, who can be adopted.
The cafe menu is quite limited, but it isn’t the star attraction so we didn’t mind. There was a selection of teas and cold drinks, and desserts. You order at the ground floor, where you would also pay the entrance fee of 13 ringgit (about $3), and then the staff would explain the house rules. The cats are housed on the next floor, and before ascending you would have to remove your shoes and wash your hands to keep the top floor clean. The cafe order would be brought up to you.

The cats are normally kept in half the top floor, which had toys and a big exercise wheel, and when there are visitors, a sliding door in between would be opened to open the whole floor for them (with the door to the stairs closed first). You get to learn their names and play with them (well, with the kitties who were in the mood) for as long as you wanted. It was my first cat cafe experience, and yet another cool thing to do in Penang, Malaysia! – Nuraini from Teja on the horizon




Image credit by Wanderlustingk
Image credit by Wanderlustingk

Amsterdam is full of great cat cafes! Cat lovers in Amsterdam will find that you don’t always need to even go to a cafe to meet friendly cats as many Dutchies believe that cats should be able to roam outside.  However, you’ll find one notable cat cafe: Kattencafe Kopjes, which is similar to the typical style of cat cafe that you’ll find all over the world.  You only need to pay a few euros for entry (3 euros) and you’ll be able to sit in this kitty paradise.  It gets quite busy here, so be sure to make a reservation ahead. Food and drinks are extra and vegan-friendly.  I definitely recommend the cake!   All the cats here are rescues from the local shelter who have been given a wonderful home with loving companions! The hours are a bit limited, so you might need to sacrifice sightseeing to come here, however cat lovers will find tons of normal Dutch bars with cats where you won’t need to pay entrance (besides your own drink).  One of my favorites is Pakhuis, a cozy brown bar in the center of Amsterdam, with a sleepy black cat who often greets the bar patrons. – By Karen of Wanderlusting K




Cat & computers
Cat & computers | Image credit: Jonny Blair

The up and coming Polish seaside city of Gdynia has some truly cool bars, cafes and restaurants away from the commercial buzz of Poland’s bigger cities. The city had its first Cat Café open a few years ago and it has gone from strength to strength. The name in Polish is Biały Kot – Kocia Kawiarnia Gdynia, which translates simply as White Cat Café. The interior is open plan and bright, with lots of shelves, cat hammocks and places for the cats to hang out, this is a great venue for cat lovers who want a good lunch and coffee. It is located centrally on Władysława IV Street and attracts a mixture of locals and families. You order your food and coffee from the front kiosk, then open the door to the room full of cats while your order is served to you. Staff are super friendly and welcoming you to this little gem of a café on the Polish seaside. – Suggested by travel writer and nomad Jonny Blair, editor of Northern Irishman in Poland and Hello Poland travel blogs.




Cats waiting to be cuddles, Pet and Tea cat café, Coimbra
Cats waiting to be cuddles, Pet and Tea cat café, Coimbra | Image credit: Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal

You can see Pet & Tea’s colourful petting room from the cobbled street in downtown Coimbra in central Portugal. The bundles of fur inside make it hard to walk past. If you want to cuddle the cats, you’ll pay €5 for an hour in the cat room, which includes a drink and helps fund the vaccinations and food for these former street cats. All of Pet & Tea’s cats are available for adoption so if you fall hopelessly in love, you may be able to take your new best friend home. Some are as cute as buttons while others have been through the wars – one was missing an eye when I visited.

For hygiene reasons, the furries are kept separate from the café area. Although you can’t take your food and drinks into the petting room, there’s an inner room with a glass wall where you can eat, drink and watch the feline antics in the cat room. For some reason I ended up taking my straw in with me and it proved more popular with the kittens than the many expensive toys that are on hand to help you entertain the animals and coax them onto your lap for a cuddle.

Some older cats are content to lounge on their cushion, observing their livelier counterparts with an aloof air. There is an escape hatch for shier creatures or those who’ve simply had enough adoration for the time being.

If you’re not bothered about the cats, stick to the bright, modern café area that’s simply a pleasant space to enjoy homemade cafes, a selection of teas, simple snacks and shop for handmade crafts. – By Julie of Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal



Singapore City

Mario at Meomi - cat cafe in Singapore
Mario at Meomi | Image credit: Singapore n Beyond

There are a few choices of cat cafes in Singapore to get your fix of cat therapy. From the “kawaii” Neko No Niwa to Bugis-central The Cat Café. But my favourite place to go chill with the felines is Meomi Cat Café. The reason why I love this small sanctuary in trendy Haji Lane is the homely feel. The staff are passionate about their furry friends and they are super welcoming too. They are also extremely engaging with the cats, keeping them stimulated so that there is more opportunity to play with the fluffballs. The cats themselves consist of mixed breeds that are not usual to Singaporean homes from the fluffy Main Coon to the unique American Curl. I also think that the smaller space works out as an advantage, as you have more chance of meeting the little guys and gals. Although there will be a few sleeping out of touch in the high resting areas. If you’re lucky, you’ll be treated to a cat pedicure show and a feeding frenzy. Ever seen a cat fall asleep while getting its nails done? The snacks are also a treat with best picks being the waffles or chocolate cake. And when you’re done you can take a stroll down Haji Lane to all the indie boutiques and great eateries. – Callan from Singapore n Beyond.




Cat cafe in Bratislava
Coffee with a side of cat, please | Image credits: Inspirational discoveries

Cat Cafés around the world are the “in-thing” with them cropping up in most European cities and even some cities in South Asia. Bratislava is home to a number of different style of cafés. All of the cafés we found were unique in both their design and beverages. Amongst the list of unique cafes is Mackafe, the best cat café in Bratislava. The menu is fairly standard but high quality offering the usual flavoured teas and Italian coffee options. However, there is a very unique hot apple and pear drink which tasted similar to hot apple juice. If you are visiting Bratislava any time that is not Summer, it’s likely to be chilly so this drink is perfect to warm you up! The cafe is really comfortable and cosy with a range of seating options including sofas, pillows, beanbags, mattresses and normal tables for a real choice of how you want to enjoy your stay.

The best part of the café is of course the gorgeous cats. These cats climb onto the seats and sometimes even onto your lap. They are happy just to sit and snooze in the area whilst you enjoy your coffee. They are perfectly friendly and gentle; even the person who is most anxious around cats will be comfortable. The establishment is kept very clean with free hand sanitizer on all doors (including the toilet) so that both you and the cats can stay clean and healthy. The care for the cats seemed excellent and all the cats were well fed, very comfortable and suitably happy. The staff were welcoming and attentive. Although they were busy tending to the customers and making drinks, they also made clear efforts to give their time to tending to the cats too.  – Steve & Chrissie from Inspirational Discoveries




Cat cafe exterior in Taipei
Image Credit: Nick Kembel
There are MANY cat cafés in Taipei, Taiwan, but Café Cats & Dog in Shilin district claims to be the first. We especially liked it because it was clean, had copious amounts of cats (some cat cafés in Taipei only have a few), and many of them were interesting long-haired breeds. If you’re wondering why there’s no ‘s’ on Dog in the café name, it’s because the café features many cats but only a single, plump golden retriever, who’s usually asleep on the floor somewhere at the back.
The café features everything you’d expect from a cat café; lots of fuzzy felines hanging around, plenty of shelves, boxes, and alcoves for them to frolic and snooze in, kitty treats for sales, and cappuccinos topped with foamy cat paws that stay until you reach the bottom of the cup.
When we visited, some cats were not afraid to jump up onto our laps for a cuddle or even onto the table to try to sneak a taste of our food. The café serves light meals and deserts, as well as hot drinks and even some cocktails.
Café Cats & Dog is located at #129 Fuhua Rd., just across from Zhishan MRT Station. It’s open 11 am to 10 pm and minimum charge is NT100 (3USD). – By Nick Kembel of



Chiang Mai

Cat in a box
Image credit: Jub of Tiki Touring Kiwi
I’ve been to a fair few cat cafes around the world and Catmosphere is as good as any. They don’t do anything out of the norm, but they don’t put a foot wrong which makes it one of my favourites. When you arrive, one of the friendly staff members will come outside to brief you on the etiquette for the cafe while you clean your hands. Once you’re inside, there is plenty of seating (during busy times you’ll need to book in advance) for you to get comfortable. You can order food and drinks, and as long as you order something worth 100 baht, the ‘visiting’ fee is waived (the staff are super nice). The cats here are a variety of breeds and some of the more playful I’ve seen. There are a bunch of classic toys you can use (and boxes), and if the cats decide they don’t want human interactions, there are places they can hide away.
The cafe is located in Nimman, so you might want to consider staying in that area if you think you’ll be visiting several times. There’s also a cafe with lots of cats along Ping River on the other side of the city. – By Jub of Tiki Touring Kiwi


Chiang Rai

Cat n a Cup cafe in Chiang Rai Thailand is the best I have been to. They have around twenty friendly, healthy cats that truly seem to enjoy the company of the visitors to the cafe. It is clean and comfortable, with two different types of seating to suit the customers. The cloud-shaped vinyl cushions on the ground around low tables are perfect for the casual atmosphere and interaction with the cats, but there are also the usual cafe tables too.
The cats are always important, but so is the cafe side of the business, and this one really excels here. The coffee is great, but the real show stopper is the totally over the top waffle stack. This is the perfect dessert for a group of friends to share while relaxing after a busy day of temples. A word of warning though – it is really delicious, but really big. It comes in up to four waffles, and I suggest no more than one waffle per person. 
Cat n a Cup Chiang Rai
Look at that stack of waffles! | Image credit: Josie Wanders
We visited Cat n a Cup twice during a 36 hour visit to Chiang Rai, and we were clearly not the only people who liked it. Every time we walked past it was full of customers, and both times we went we had a short wait to get in. It is open until late in the evening, and there is no fee to enter; just purchase something from the cafe first. – Josie from Josie Wanders




Cat heart shape 🐈❤

A post shared by Ailuromania Cat Cafe (@ailuromaniacafe) on

For a country like the UAE, having a cat cafe where food is served is almost unbelievable thanks to strict municipality rules! For that reason alone, you should go visit. It must’ve been ridiculously hard for the owners to assimilate permits for them to be able to have a cat cafe here. Ailuromania cafe is an anomaly in itself – It’s the Middle East’s first cat cafe! They have a lovely number of cats that are some really beautiful breeds. If you really want your feline fix, I suggest you go here, otherwise you may not be too satisfy with their food or drink offerings. In a place where international brands are taking over, it would be lovely to support something homegrown and add to a unique experience in Dubai.




Cat sleeping in a little house
Sleepy ball of fluff | Image credit: Travelling Dany

Danila from Travelling Dany suggests The Cat Cafe in Manchester. It is located in an hipster part of the city. The Northern Quarter is in fact an area full of art, artisans and creatives. The urban jungle can be a bit too overwhelming, which is why the silence, once you get inside the Cat Café, is almost deafening. Here in fact they adopted the Japanese method: cats and a zen environment are used to help people to relax. Offering a safe have in the middle of a particularly busy city.

Once inside you will receive a card where they write down the time. You’ve got to pay by the minute, but the maximum per hour is 12£. When you’re finished inside, you just walk out, they will check how long you’ve been inside and tell you how much you have to pay.

The cat area is separated from a short corridor, with a set of double doors to make sure the cats won’t get out. Before to enter, you will need to either remove your shoes or wear shoe covers. But once inside, you will be treated with a warm, cozy and colorful room full of cats! There’s also a cute little café that sells all kind of cat-themed threats and souvenirs. You’re meant to sit on one of the comfortable couches and sip your British tea, but to be honest, you’ll spend all of your time cuddling the friendly cats!



Ann Arbor

Fagan at Tiny Lions
Fagan at Tiny Lions | Image credit: Lavanya

Those who started Tiny Lions Cat Cafe & Adoption Center in Ann Arbor had the right idea — a comfy, fun place to hang out with adorable cats all day! At this newest addition to Ann Arbor’s hip scene, opened in May 2016, the “Catfe” features cozy couches in a bright and breezy environment where you can sip your coffee while petting adoptable cats. Friendly kittens and cats of all ages cuddle up to you, wanting to be pet. They even put on shows sometimes. Whether you can’t have a feline at home or have family members who are allergic, these homeless fur babies are there for you. Tiny Lions also hosts fun events like Trivia Games, Coloring with Cats, Yoga with Cats, and Movie Nights where you can bring pillows, sleeping bags or blankets.

There’s free Wi-fi, cafe tables ideal for laptops, and lounge chairs good for snuggling. There’s currently no refreshments, but you can bring your own food, non-alcoholic beverages or coffee from the popular shop right next door. There’s a small charge of $7/hour (or $4 for half hour). They even have a Telecommeowting package for $15/day for those wanting to work in a stress-free zone.   

Of course, at the end of the day, there is no obligation to take a cat home, but after spending so much time with such cuties, you may just want to, or simply return again and again!

Tiny Lions lounge & adoption Center (TLC)

5245 Jackson Rd, Suite A1; Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Open 6 days/week, Tuesday through Saturday 10 am-7pm, Sundays 10am-5pm

– By Lavanya of Nature Traveler


New Orleans

Cat cafe in New Orleans
One of the cats out on the ‘catio’ | Image credit: Plaid Shirt Yoga Pants

Crescent City Cat Club opened New Orleans’s first Cat Café in Marigny neighborhood in 2017. If you are a cat lover, missing your feline friend from home, or looking for an interesting place to spend the night, the Crest City Cat Club is for you. For $7, guests can come to the Crescent City Cat Club and hang out all day with their feline friends. There is also a window where guests will be able to watch bottle-fed newborns needing extra attention. If interested, or staying for a while, you can even sign up to volunteer to feed the small kittens while in town.At any time, 20 – 40 full grown cats have a living room area and ‘catio’ where they are allowed to explore and socialize. The cats know that you are visiting their house, and some of the cats are just couch potatoes, while others hide under seating, or are ready to pounce and play. Unlike other Cat Cafes, Crescent City Cat Club does not sell food and beverages, but you are more than welcome to bring in any local dishes and coffees from the local neighborhood. My favorite thing to get is a coffee from Coast Roast at St Roch Market so I’m fully caffeinated while playing with the beautiful cats. Looking for somewhere unique to stay in New Orleans? The Cat Club also has a guest house where visitors can spend the night for $100 a night. All travelers must like cats, because you are a guest in the cat’s homes. Travelers also have the ability to volunteer while they are staying in New Orleans. After spending all of that time with the adoptable cats, if you are interested in giving a feline its forever home you can adopt 1 cat for $65 or 2 for $100. – Mallory from Plaid Shirt Yoga Pants


New York

Outdoor view of Cat cafe in New York | Image Credits: Girl with a Passport
Cat cafe in New York | Image Credits: Girl with a Passport

Tucked away among the hustle and bustle of the famous, Chinatown neighborhood in New York City, lies the feline oasis of Meow Parlour. This recent addition to the Chinatown neighborhood is a great place for non-cat owners and wannabe cat owners to snuggle up and the kitty loving that they desperately need in their life.

However, the cats that call Meow Parlour home, or at least until they are adopted by a lucky visitor, are very popular amongst New Yorkers, an understandably so. Therefore, before you stroll on into Meow Parlour, make sure you make a reservation online, Time slots are thirty minutes long and cost $10 per session.

Not to worry though. If you are swept up in the kitty loving, you can always extend your time. Just keep track of the time though since the staff generally won’t remind you when your half an hour is up. And if you go over your time limit, you’ll be charged another $10.

Oh, one more thing! Before you head into Meow Parlour, you first have to check in at the front desk, sign a waiver (so that you won’t sue them if a cat gets a little too frisky), take off your shoes and coat, go over the rules with a staff member, and sanitize your hands. And boom, you’re ready to rock and roll.

From here it’s smooth sailing as you chill out with about ten different cats and marvel at all the insanely cute, cat themed décor in the café. A truly relaxing, unique, and super fun way to wile the weekend away. Looking for more coffee? Here’s a list of some amazing cafes to check out in New York. – Kelly from Girl with the passport. 



Oakland Cat Town Cafe
Oakland Cat Town Cafe

Cat Town in Oakland, California, was America’s first cat cafe when it opened in 2014.  It has changed its name (the Cat Town Cafe is now the RAWR Coffee Bar, and the cat area is known as Cat Zone) but the purpose is the same–to get cats adopted.  And the format is a winner.

Step up to the counter and order a snack–I am fond of the sugar cookies decorated with “meow” as tasty and a cup of the acclaimed Highwire Coffee.  This little cafe also prepares natural raw cat food that you can purchase to take home to your furball and special treats for the Cat Zone cats that you can purchase for just $1.  Coffee and treats can be carried into the Cat Zone, where you can linger.  Cute cat furniture includes whimsical beds inspired by cargo cranes seen at the Port of Oakland, and some play structures resemble buildings in downtown Oakland.  Also, colorful murals cover the walls.  Soaking up the atmosphere while you watch and munch for a while, then playing with the cats, then picking one to take home is the purrfect way to spend a day. – By Carole of Weekend Adventures Update & Berkeley & Beyond


Washington D.C.

2 girls posing with a cat in the cafe
Lovely cafe in Washington DC | Image credit: Meghan the traveling teacher

Washington DC is home to an adorable cat cafe called Crumbs and Whiskers. It’s located right in one of the trendiest parts of DC – Georgetown. For a fee of $15 on weekdays, $20 on weekends, you can hang out in this adorable cat cafe for 90 minutes. The best thing about this cafe is that all the cats are up for adoption from local rescues! You’re not only having a ton of fun playing with kitties, but also supporting the rescue and adoption of adorable kitties! While you’re there, enjoy macaroons and coffee drinks from a local shop nearby in their adorable “coffee and cats please” coffee sleeves. There are toys and games available with tons of different seating options to make the most of your time in the cafe. It is also equipped with wifi so you can bring your laptop and get some work done too! If you’re headed to this cafe, make sure you make a reservation because it tends to sell out quickly, especially on weekends. -By Meghan of Meghan the traveling teacher



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