Here’s why you need this Koh Samui food guide: located on the east coast of Thailand is one of the country’s largest islands – Koh Samui. Apart from being a fishing municipality, the area is a tourist destination known for its incredible cuisine. Koh Samui is filled with restaurants that serve both local and international foods at affordable prices. There are also luxurious restaurants that serve those people interested in spending more. In addition, some eating establishments have in-house entertainment for those people that cannot eat without some music.

Koh Samui food guide – Ideas about Where and What to Eat in Koh Samui


Thai green curry

For breakfast, one should go to the Bophut beach area where there are several restaurants that serve both vegan and non-vegan diets. While there, one can also try the local breakfast which includes Pad Thai, some green curries, and sticky rice. It can be quite a treat if one is not used to eating heavy meals for breakfast. Traditional English breakfast made up of eggs, sausage, tea, juice, and some bread are also available in some restaurants. For those that must have a fully vegan breakfast, they can go to the Chaweng or Lamai beach area where restaurants serve vegan breakfast buffets.


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Brunch in Koh Samui is a big deal, and many restaurants compete for customers. Sunday brunch at Sunday Sessions, Beach Republic is a popular place for this kind of meal. Beach Republic offers a variety of brunch options for the diners; from waffles to indigenous Thailand fruits to lobsters and other types of fish. There is also a grill section for those that love barbecue. And to top it all off, there are a variety of drinks offered during and after meals.


Being an island, it comes as no surprise that most of the restaurants in Koh Samui serve seafood. The restaurants serve some amazing lobsters, crabs, prawns, clams, and other types of fish. With most eateries located next to the beach, those who visit these restaurants have wonderful views of the ocean. Another place with amazing food and a magnificent view is Chaweng beach. This restaurants found in this area allow visitors to marvel at the captivating hill ranges overlooking the area as they have their meals. For those on a budget, they can try Koh Samui’s street food, which often includes fried chicken, corn on a cob, banana pancakes, and crunchy insects.


For dinner, Chaweng beach is still the preferred destination on our Koh Samui food guide because of the numerous restaurants that are lined up along the shores. The setting makes for a romantic candlelit dinner by the beach as one stares at the stars and the moon. Most eating joints also have live band performances to create the mood for the evening. Interestingly, despite being a fishing town, there are some restaurants that actually serve pasta and pizza. One can also eat burgers and fries if they are not for the local delicacies. However, even if one has their doubts about local food, they should try the famous Tom Yum or Pad Thai which have a unique taste due to the various indigenous spices and herbs used to make them. A quick word of advice, if someone wishes to try out the European cuisines, they have to book days in advance because the space in those restaurants is limited.


Beach party
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After a satisfying dinner, one can visit a number of beach clubs around Chaweng and Bophut beach area. The drinks are not expensive, and the music is good with most clubs playing popular western songs. Some entertainment spots hire international DJs from Europe to make the party experience memorable for visitors. The bars also serve a number of cocktails for those eager to try out new drinks. The streets are well lit at night so that revelers can easily move from one club to another. Interestingly, most joints have an ‘open plan’ layout that makes the place seem bigger than it actually is.

Eating out in Koh Samui can be fun if one knows the right places. I hope you found that this article has a list of worthy places to eat in Koh Samui, making it an epic Koh Samui food guide. For the first time traveler, they will be amazed at how simple foods like coconut can be used to make a really tasty meal! For the returning traveler, the food always tastes the same if not better.

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