I was lucky enough to be invited this Wednesday to try out Moshi‘s brand new summer menu. I had my first trysts with the restaurant a couple of months ago at their Al Barsha branch and was totally mesmerised by their amazing willingness to improve and innovate. And innovate they did, possibly even more than their previous wondrous creations such as the famous Oman Cheesy Chips sushi and Nutella maki. Later on, they introduced a new branch closer to where I live, in Oud Metha.

Moshi is a brand that is very beautiful in its own right in my opinion for various reasons:

  1. It’s a pure Dubai-home grown brand, which means you cannot find another one anywhere outside the city.
  2. It gives people who hate raw fish and sushi another chance at sushi!
  3. You can customise EVERYTHING.

You would think that maybe that’s where these guys would draw the line. Nooooope. Their summer menu is all that, and more.

15 new items have been added to their list. I wasn’t ravenous, and neither was my partner-in-dine (henceforth known as PID) but we were able to pick up our top 5 favourites:

1. Moshi’s flamin’ chicken cheetos sushi

Moshi Sushi | The cheetos maki
The cheetos on the maki make it crunchy with a slightly torching spice.


Kickin' cheetos for the win!
Seriously guys, this was like my favourite thing on the menu.

Yeah, you read that right. A few months ago and if you told me you could mesh Cheetos and sushi rice together I probably would’ve laughed in your face. But as weird as it sounds, this really works for this combination. The Cheetos provide a spicy kick and crunch to an otherwise very bland sushi.

2. Zaatar Labneh Maki

This was by far the most surprising and interesting thing that my PID and I tasted that night. Perfect for vegetarians, the zaatar and labneh make for an amazing sushi combination. This thing is almost a testament to what I think Dubai stands for- a Middle Eastern touch with dozens of worldwide influences.A lot of restaurants try to get this right, but fail. Moshi has it down on fleek.

3. Lotus milkshake

My love for Lotus grows everyday.
My love for Lotus grows everyday.

As a lover of all things Lotus, this shake really resonated with me. With various eateries around Dubai offering their own rendition, I have to admit that this one ranks amongst the highest as it’s thin enough and relatively light on the stomach.

4. Mushroom and Edamame momos

Ok, so I’m not the biggest fan of edamame, but team it with mushrooms, enclose it in a momo and then give me a really good dipping sauce…and BAZINGA! An excellent vegetarian option without exceeding amounts of spice but plenty of flavour.

5. Chicken Chips Oman Sushi

A non-vegetarian rendition of the famous Cheesy Chips Oman, this one hit me straight in the childhood. The tangy, cripsy Oman chips goes so well as a crust for the sushi along with the cream cheese flavour and chicken. What a delight!

So that’s it, my top 5 new Moshi menu favs. Make sure you try out their refreshing and fizzy strawberry mojitos, a Dhokla sushi (for those of you who don’t know, dhokla is a fluffy, spongy and slightly fermented tasting Indian rice cake) as well as their hot dog & french fries maki!

Hot dog maki with fries
Dayum. This hot dog maki was everything and even included french fries! (And as we all know, fries before guys 😉 )

Let me know what you think of their new menu? Happy Nom-ing!

Moshi’s new menu is available at both their Oud Metha and Al Barsha outlets.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, however I was lucky enough to be invited for their media preview and sample the food as a promotion effort. All photos not watermarked have been taken by this moi.

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