One of my intentions with starting Om Nom Nirvana was prepping unique but easy recipes that were preferably AIP/Paleo friendly for my readers. Unfortunately, ‘life’ happened with the master’s degree and my job and between a ridiculous amount of tastings, that barely or almost never happened. Thanks to the latest BME (Blogger Managed Event) by Monica of Doin Dubai, I have a refreshed interest in home cooking. This particular meet-up was a super interesting one as it was a demo for Thermomix. Now, I’ve heard of the name Thermomix, but I had no idea what it did. I was given an extensive menu of 13 items which I was told

a) Could all be made in the Thermomix

and b) Would be done in two hours

Here’s a glimpse of the menu here:

By the time I arrived, the masala chai, masala cherry tiffin and beetroot balls were already made (Btw, they tasted clean and delicious! Pics right below). Even without those, doing 11 dishes in 2 hours sounded impossible to me.

Thermomix Middle East|Beetroot balls
Raw beetroot balls
Thermomix Middle East|Masala cherry tiffin
Masala cherry tiffin
Thermomix|Masala Chai
Delicious masala chai!

Believe it or not, they were all made by the Thermomix! One of the first items we made was the fresh lemonade with mint. Discovered that even if you use a whole lemon, it can be blitzed within a few seconds. Woah! Love the fact that nothing got wasted.

Thermomix Middle East|Dubai
Making lemonade faster than Beyonce, haha
Mint lemonade|Thermomix Middle East
Tada, Fresh mint lemonade!

We then got on to making a variety of things, including a fresh beetroot salad as well as a vegan and dairy mango ice cream!

Fresh beetroot salad|Thermomix Middle East|Dubai
Fresh beetroot salad

It gets interesting now..we also made cheese and basil knots (it has a kneading function), steamed salmon simultaneously made with a soup and steamed veggies as well as a *drumroll* SEAFOOD CURRY! Yes, you can cook in your Thermomix! And this is only just touching on what it can do. We also made vegan cheese and a garlic bread with cheesy butter and sage leaves.

Me working on the monster that is the Thermomix!
Me working on the monster that is the Thermomix! I was making potato and goat cheese soup here. (Thanks Javeria, of Dine out Dubai for the pic!)
Thermomix Middlee East|Dubai|The beautiful cheese and basil knots!
The beautiful cheese and basil knots!
The products of my 'labour', the potato and goat cheese soup!|Thermomix Middle East|Dubai
The products of my ‘labour’, the potato and goat cheese soup! One of the staff members even made idlis (fermented rice cakes) with the Thermomix.
Delish seafood curry all prepped in the Thermomix along with coconut rice!
Delish seafood curry all prepped in the Thermomix along with coconut rice!

Those of you who know me, you know I’m not much of a cook. However, if I ever choose to do it (it’s becoming evident that I should day by day to go #AIP) I would pick @thermomixmiddleeast as my first and only kitchen appliance ever. I won’t even need a stove! We created a full fledged meal (including dessert and bread) within just 2 hours and I was just amazed by what this machine can do! Have a look at these delicious steamed salmon dressed in epic chermoula butter (also made by the Thermomix) and steamed veggies that were prepared AT THE SAME TIME in the same thermomix with soup in what..3-4 mins? Delicious and healthy in every bite. Thank you @doindubai for a very engaging and educational BME! . . . . . #thermomixrecipes #thermomix #glutenfree #paleo #healthyeating #healthyfood #easymeals #ilovethermomix #easyentertaining @bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #delish #eeeeeats #nom #omnomnom #dubaiblogger #uaeblogger #dubaifoodblogger #uaefoodblogger #iphoneography #foodography #tasty #huffpostetaste #f52grams

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The Thermomix completes 12 functions in total:

  1. Blending
  2. Kneading
  3. Steaming
  4. Emulsifying
  5. Weighing (Trust me guys, I was totally blown away by this)
  6. Cooking
  7. Chopping
  8. Whisking
  9. Stirring
  10. Grinding
  11. Mixing
  12. Controlled heating (for example, in instances like melting chocolate)

Here’s just a part of our spread:

The fab spread Thermomix
The fab spread

The Thermomix would seem like the perfect option for those who don’t want to spend copious amounts of money on processed foods (even the so-called ‘good stuff’ like coconut yoghurt off the shelves) and spend instead on getting better organic produce with minimal effort and a lot of time to spare. It’s definitely on my list (currently saving up for one) and I hope you do get to check it out as well. I feel like getting this would be instrumental to healing my gut by first going paleo and then going AIP. (For more info on what I’m talking about, check out this post)

Thermomix |The beast (that comes with a recipe book btw!)
The beast (that comes with a recipe book btw!)

If you indeed are juggling a lot of things in your life, then it’s worth having a look at and experiencing it. Demos are completely FREE with no obligation to buy. They can travel to you in your own home, or you can come to them at their office in Al Barsha Business Square.

The cost of the Thermomix TM5 is AED 5,100. It comes as a complete package with all its accessories, a cookbook, a recipe chip and two years warranty for household use. It might sound ridonculous, but I truly believe over the long term it will save you so much more!

They also have a special offer at the moment: People who purchase before the 15th of February 2017 they can get an extra cookbook or recipe chip free of charge, or they can take advantage of a ‘Free Interest Installment Option’ where they can buy the Thermomix at AED 5,100 and pay in 5 instalments via post-dated cheques (no extra book for the instalment option).

To schedule a demo or for an enquiry, give a call to the Thermomix office on 04-399 5596 or email them on

Do mention you came via my blog Om Nom Nirvana for a special hosting gift!


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  2. I love the Thermomix! I also just attended an in-home demo of the new Thermomix which a friend of mine got for Christmas. She cooks for a group of friends now at least once a week and we are all just super impressed with how easy the Thermomix makes everything. I think if I had an oven and a Thermomix, I wouldn’t need anything else in my kitchen ever. Cool idea to write a post about this. I should have done that about my experience too!

  3. Wow. Those are some incredible Pictures. I am a complete foodie and this just gave me some major food goals.

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