Kamakura was one of the most beautiful places we visited on our trip to Japan. It’s totally one of those places that you can easily visit in half a day. This Kamakura day trip takes only about 6 hours & is a short half an hour commute from Tokyo’s major stations. Once you’re done sightseeing in Tokyo (and eating all the delicious food), then you should definitely hit this place up, accessible with the Japan Rail Pass.

Things to see on your Kamakura day trip

Visit Hase-Dara temple

Hasedara temple

Hase-dara is a gorgeous temple in Kamakura located within walking distance. You will benefit from walking about 2km or even taking the metro to Wadazuka station. We picked the walking route, and it was so nice to walk by adorable stores and souvenir shops where you can pick up bookmarks to samurai swords and yukata (summer kimonos).

To enter the Hase-dara temple complex, you need to pay an entrance fee of 300 yen (US$3). It’s totally worth it, because there’s a lot to see, from several Benzaiten statues, a cave, a trek up to get some lovely views and more. Allot minimum 1 hour to truly enjoy every nook and corner of this complex.

Stunning gardens filled with statues
View after the trek. You can view the sea and beach!
Tiny Buddha statues

Visit the Big Buddha (Daibatsu) at Kotokuji temple

Big Buddha in Kamakura | Kamakura day trip

The Big Buddha at Kotokuji should ideally be your next stop as it is close by. You can pay a bit to go upstairs inside to the head, but it’s not necessary. We were quite happy to gaze at it in wonder.

And that’s it! Your quick Kamakura day trip is done! I hope you enjoyed this short itinerary and can use the tips for your next trip to Japan.

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