If you are looking for a destination for your bachelorette, then planning a bachelorette in Sri Lanka is actually a really good idea! You can go for either 1-2 days or a whole 6 days like I did. However, Sri Lanka does provide a very un-bachelorette atmosphere, which is why you need to prep some things in advance before you head to the bachelorette in terms of decor, games, sashes and tiaras because these are not easily available. Here’s a list of things you need to think of arranging before you head out to this bachelorette in Sri Lanka:

How to plan a bachelorette in Sri Lanka

1. Arrange for decor and accessories beforehand

This is the most important part of creating an atmosphere for a bachelorette. Much like the Dubai bachelorette I planned, the decorative elements and accessories were bought before the trip so as to avoid any disappointment. We picked streamers, fun balloons, bridal sashes, shot glasses and even custom-made t-shirts! Have a look at the whole get up of the bride below. Just be creative and have fun! If you’re planning any games, it’s best that you prepare any flash cards ahead of the party.

Bachelorette in Sri Lanka | Bride to be look
My cousin all dressed up! We custom made t-shirts and brought the accessories from Party Centre in Dubai

2. Pick ideal places to stay

I think for the sake of comfort for everyone, it was important to pick a place where we’d all be comfortable. Noise is a huge factor here, which is why we stayed in budget accommodation. The winning here is two-fold – we pay a whole lot less plus noone ever complains. We actually had a significant advantage price wise too! Here are some of the bachelorette-friendly places in Sri Lanka:

Azzura Hikkaduwa

Azzura Hikkaduwa in Hikkaduwa, a popular beach spot. This place has 6 little villas and is walking distance to the beach. The manager is in the know of the party spots every night.

Azzura Hikkaduwa
Azzura Hikkaduwa
One of the cool beach shacks
One of the cool beach shacks

Villa Caterina

Villa Caterina in Galle isn’t exactly next to the old Dutch town in Galle which is extremely beautiful, but this is the perfect quintessential bachelorette home complete with pool. The staff is exceedingly sweet and they also prepare meals for you if you ask them in advance. The inclusion of a kitchen will enable you guys to cook too. I was on a diet when we visited and happily managed to prepare my meals with ease. Breakfast is a combination of omelettes, bread, various jams & butter as well as fruit which is wholesome to start your day. This was the night we spent the main bachelorette, which was so much fun! We had trouble getting a cake..so we improvised (with a banana).


Our lovely homestay in Galle
Our lovely homestay in Galle

Besides this, the old Dutch town at Galle is home to a variety of amazing bars. Tequila Mockingbird has great cocktails and has become a popular choice, however, A Minute by Tuk Tuk is slightly pricier, but has amazing food overlooking the sea.

Out and about town in Galle Old Town
Out and about town in Galle Old Town
Tequila Mockingbird!
Tequila Mockingbird! How punny is that?

Rafter’s Retreat, Kitulgala

Located by the Kelani river, Rafter’s Retreat in Kitulgala was an unexpected surprise for us as it was the least glamorous of all the accommodations. We were pleasantly surprised as it was the most charming. They have scrumptious food and beautiful wooden houses over the water. They also have a rafting package which is combined with the lunch package. I have to add that the owner looks like a Sri Lankan version of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. What a cool guy. The receptionist also happens to have a pet squirrel! It’s really amazing how nature and humans co-exist in this lovely space. We spent our evenings playing board games and cards in the common areas and having a lovely time.

Sherwood Cottage, Nuwara Eliya

To round off our trip, we headed on to the tea gardens of Nuwara Eliya at Sherwood Cottage. This cottage has the cutest loft on top and will charm the socks off you. Just make sure you have enough warm clothing! We had noone to bother us, so we warmed ourselves with alcohol, talked and danced.


Drinks party!


3. Prepare the games in advance

While you might get playing cards in some supermarkets, it would be challenging to pick up other board games and prep them ahead, so plan in advance with all the decorations. If you’re coming from Dubai, you can get the bachelorette accessories at Party Centre. We bought balloons, sashes and a whole bunch of things made to keep the theme consistent.

4. Hire a stripper (or not!)

Of course, a typical bachelorette would typically involve a stripper. So we tried, but failed miserably. We did a little google search and found a gentleman who turned out to be very creepy. Not only did he promise us a “no rules barred” party, he also assured us that we could lick chocolate sauce from his body. He also told us that he looks like ‘Magic Mike’ (Channing Tatum). Then we connected over whatsapp and saw his profile picture. I assure you he did not look like Channing Tatum. Hell, not even close. He also had a picture with a child, which made us feel quite disgusted with ourselves. Long story short, we never hired him!

The good part about having a bachelorette in Sri Lanka is that you don’t have to have added pressure to have a wild time. Just relaxing, exploring and checking out new bars and clubs is pretty much all you need to do to have a great time!


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