So I got to try this new trending workout today called Gogo Bounce Dubai. And I gotta admit, it was pretty epic! I mean, it involves a TRAMPOLINE. How wonderfully 90’s is that?

I know there might be a few questions that arise in your mind:

1. What is GoGo Bounce?

GoGo Bounce Dubai is a trampoline workout carried out at Train Strength and Fitness in Al Quoz.

It combines both H.I.I.T.  and great music that motivates you throughout the workout. It’s not easy, no. It’s hella hard and challenging, but the exhilaration you feel after the workout is like no other! I’m a person who works out for atleast an hour five times a week and I was feeling pretty winded during the workout. The workout I did today included dumbbells, plates and a bar.

Check out a sample workout here:

Nicole Olaivar, the trainer and director of the program hails from Toronto and pushes you throughout the workout. I really appreciated that she took time to check on everyone and made sure their form is right. For me, that feedback is really important and ensures you have a good workout.

There are three different types of trampoline workouts offered in the series :

      1. ‘Gogo Bounce,’ which focuses on balance, flexibility and stamina.
      2. ‘Gogo Flex’ which incorporates weights and
      3. ‘Gogo Pow’ which has several boxing techniques incorporated.

2. Hold up, what is H.I.I.T. and why do I keep hearing about this?

H.I.I.T. stands for high intensity interval training. It involves a lot of high intensity anaerobic exercise with shorter recovery times between sets. It’s best for those that don’t have enough time to spend hours at the gym and want optimum fat blasting workouts. H.I.I.T. also helps you gain that lean muscle you want.

3. Sounds good! How do I get involved?

It’s easy. Just whatsapp on +97156 445 7984 to confirm your attendance. You can also sign up through GuavaPass. Check out GoGo Bounce Dubai’s Facebook page for more information. Child care is also available during the class, so all you fit mums can try out new workouts too!

The first class is free, after which each class is AED 75. Totally worth it, if you wanna feel the burn!

Have you tried out this class before? Or something similar? Let me know how you found it in the comments below!

FUN FACT: Nicole also carries out ‘The Dance Project DXB’ which is next on my list for workouts to try! Will check back in with a new post as soon as I’ve tried that one out too.

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