Here’s my review based on this new Fit Girl #28DayJumpstart. If you’re following me on Instagram, you will know that I’ve been on a major health kick lately. I need to lose several kilos of fat as my fat percentage is high. Besides this, due to my hypothyroidism, I have often been struggling with losing weight and have a low BMR (basal metabolic rate). In other words, it takes me longer to burn calories/fat than a regular person.


Besides the fact that I need to hit the gym almost everyday, the fitness plan focuses on interval training and cardio. So far, so good. I don’t feel very winded after the first week of workouts, mainly because I already used to workout 5 times a week.

However, what I do feel is tired – because it calls for a workout 6 days a week. The 7th day is a ‘stroll and stretch’ day, which is ok. I feel because there’s not a break in between, it doesn’t allow time for your body to recover. But do note that there’s plenty of protein in the diet that promotes muscle recovery.

You really don’t have any excuses not to workout, because all of these can be done in the comfort of your own home/outside. It requires no equipment.


The formula of the diet is MEAL PREP.

Cooking twice a week is expected. I found the prepping on the weekend to be relatively easy (Goodbye Saturdays). It’s however exhausting during the week after a tiring day of work.

Breakfast was my favourite meal. You eat the same breakfast the whole week.

Lunch has roasted vegetables as a base. You can then tweak it with your favourite pasta/rice and protein. I used gluten-free pasta as I’m trying my best to do as much as a gluten-free diet as possible.

For a snack, they recommend these ‘Chocolate Chip Doughettes’ which are delicious. I made a batch which went missing sooner than expected because my family loved them so much! All the ingredients I used were organic and vegan.

I had to prepare dinner from scratch everyday. However, your lunchbox woes will be solved as you prep first for three days and then for the next four days. For dinner, it’s these ‘Sweet Potato Tacos’ or ‘Pita Pizzas’. I’m not an extremely big fan of stir fried sweet potatoes, but I did consume them.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t avoid gluten at dinner. I couldn’t find corn tortillas or gluten-free pizza bases. On the first day of making the Pita Pizza, I made the effort to make a gluten-free crust. Here’s the thing when you start making gluten-free things with things that aren’t gluten-free…

They taste NOTHING like the real deal. :'(

I did a pretty good gluten-free pizza crust from a recipe by Minimalist Baker.

My first week of Fit Girl’s 28 Day Jumpstart turned out to be a breeze! Will update next week with Week 2!

FIT GIRL TIP: Start your mornings with warm water with half a lemon squeezed in. Cleanses the hell out of your system!

RESULTS: I lose a kilogram, which is great! I also feel much more alert and agile.

P.s. I had two cheat meals already this weekend. 🙁 Don’t judge me. I just love my onion rings too much. However, I work extra hard at the gym to burn them off. The spirit is to jump back in!

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