Believe it or not, I commute via the Dubai metro 90% of the time, as I dislike driving. Why go through that horrendous traffic day when I can sit or stand and listen to my favourite music?

Obviously, when I got offered to review this pretty epic pair of Sennheiser headphones called Momentum 2.0, I was super stoked. How do I merge my love for music and using public transport?

That’s when I came out with the OmNomNirvana x Momentum campaign on Instagram. I really wanted to encourage people to get off their feet, listen to their own tunes and find their own pace of living life!

Music has been known to have a huge ploy in mental health and wellness, which is why I agreed to do this review for the ‘Om’ section on my website. It’s been used in all sorts of therapies and is known to have a calming impact on the mind. Besides this, it’s important to stay active, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. So instead of just killing yourself at the gym, it’s better to space out your workouts during the day. Commuting helps in that way. I stay 15 minutes away from my nearest metro station and I always make the effort to walk there and back. It helps clear my mind.

On to reviewing these headphones in a nutshell:

Momentum 2.0|Sennheiser
This is one I took over at Cafe Rider. Pondering over the headphones.


  1. These are possibly the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever had the pleasure of having. They are super comfortable and so-cushion-y, just like a pillow. I handed it over to a couple of my colleagues and they all agreed (and we all had different sized heads xD) I know it will not be a problem for anyone.
  2. The sound delivered is just great, even with some of the tunes with a lot of bass.
  3. I love the design. It has a very hipster feel to it, with a vintage vibe.


  1. I noticed within the first five minutes of continuous listening, the headphones warm up a bit. It quickly goes away though.
  2. The noise cancellation could be improved. My brother has a set of Bose headphones through which I hear absolutely nothing.
  3. Ideally, this is probably best for at home listening, as it’s not the most portable thing. However, I think Sennheiser has done their best when it comes to portability with these headphones though.

That’s all for my review folks! Have you tried the Momentum 2.0? Let me know in the comments below!

You can purchase the headphones here.


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