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Given the current situation of Covid-19, most of us are staying home (and rightly so). A lot of us including myself have either been put on paid/unpaid leave or even had our salaries slashed. All understandable of course, but not all of us know how to deal with a sudden loss of income or the thoughts of staying at home all day and all night. That being said, we as humans have managed to seek the best of it and many of us have utilised our creative skills/ talents to develop a new business!

In my case, it’s been the same..though maybe I haven’t been as productive on here and in other mediums I would’ve liked. Although I haven’t written on my blog in ages and going through somewhat of a creative rut, I’ve spent a lot of time internalising and studying more on yoga and Ayurveda and I hope to develop more content on this as we move forward in addition to finding more resources to support my PCOS Warriors. (You can also join my Facebook support group here). I have a few complimentary sessions on yoga & meditation rolling out in the next few weeks on the group. Besides this, I actually worked on a game jam with Francisco! We came up with a dialogue-based game called ‘Jezebel and the Flame’ that you can play here. The things quarantine has made us all too! A few months ago if you told me I’d be writing for a game, I’d laugh.

Jezebel and the Flame

One of the most wonderful things about quarantine is that I got to share my yoga practice with so many people. I’ve discovered I thoroughly love connecting with people on a 1:1 level, as I love getting to know them and developing a practice for them. Besides this, it’s also been pretty great doing a few virtual group classes now and then. I’ve been promoting myself on Instagram, but I thought it warrants a blog post too.

virtual yoga classes
Email me to book!

You can now book in a 1:1 session with me! The price per class is currently $40 for a 1:1 session and $15 for a group session (2 or more people, price per head). You can get in touch with me via email here. We will do a quick consultation and decide on a time for the class which will be carried out via Zoom.

See you guys on the mat!

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