Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As with other medications, testosterone replacement therapy may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke in some men.

At least one study indicates that taking testosterone therapy as recommended at men ages 18 to 40 can decrease the risk of stroke by 18%, the researchers say.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy FAQ | Fountain of You MD Virginia Beach

The body makes many more testosterone-binding globulin, or TBGs, than testosterone.

According to a Testosterone Replacement Therapy Physician, using hormones to boost the production of TBGs is a common way testosterone replacement therapy is given. TBGs are compounds that bind to free testosterone in your blood. If you take testosterone while on a drug to boost TBGs, you won’t see the testosterone-binding globulin produced, which will stop the effect.

According to the European Union’s General Medical Council, researchers think the body might make other changes when a man starts on testosterone therapy: The body seems to make other binding factors that will then give testosterone the ability to be more effective at binding to tissue or cells. These binding factors might also make more TBGs.

The research results may also be influenced by certain blood tests: According to researchers from the University of Bonn, testosterone-binding globulin levels may be affected by blood tests that measure blood levels of androgen, an enzyme that can interfere with TBG production.

If you take testosterone therapy for hypertension, your doctor will monitor your BP. Other blood tests, such as CT scans, may be used to check for other disorders that might affect testosterone, such as prostate cancer.

While TBG levels might decrease with testosterone therapy, your doctor will examine the levels. Some doctors feel that tests such as cholesterol and blood sugar might be slightly worse, while others might feel the same. As a result, your doctor might recommend a lowering of your cholesterol and blood sugar.

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